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When you think about it, buying newborn gifts seems like one of the easiest things ever. After all, you could probably purchase anything without the baby really knowing or remembering down the road what you bought. However, their parents will.

Be it for a baby shower or just a gift to say, “welcome to the world,” when a baby is born, the once-in-a-lifetime occasion calls for newborn gifts. Deciding what to buy a new little guy or girl, however, can be a bit overwhelming.

These days, the possibilities are endless when it comes to all of the products and gear for newborns. That’s why the experts at Mustela are here to share the top 23 newborn gifts that new parents will actually use in 2022.

The 23 Best Newborn Gifts

Newborns with Mustela products and blue balloons

For Baby

1) A Complete Newborn Arrival Set

Sensitive newborn skin deserves only the best care, and Mustela’s baby skin care products deliver just that. The Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set contains everything you need to keep your baby’s skin soft and fresh from head to toe.

The gift set is a great way for the new parents to try the products before purchasing full-size bottles, and it’s perfect for packing in diaper bags or luggage for when baby’s on the go.

2) Soft Socks

baby in a blue onesie and soft socks which make wonderful newborn gifts

No one likes cold feet, especially a newborn! Gift a cute pack of socks to keep the new little one's feet warm.

Socks are necessary for all the seasons of the year, and parents will need plenty of pairs because these little socks are bound to get lost in the chaos (or the laundry!).

3) A Sassy Set Of Shoes

A new pair of comfy and stylish kicks are the sweetest gift for little ones who aren't up and walking yet but still need a layer of warmth over their socks in cold weather. Trendy shoes with cute colors and patterns will definitely put you at the top of the list of coolest newborn gift-givers.

4) Quality Bibs

parent wiping baby's face during feeding

While baby’s drooly smiles are adorable, they can lead to wet clothes and drool rash. A fresh set of bibs will help prevent that — in style.

Opt for bibs made from organic cotton and fleece, as they’re soft and absorbent and keep clothes dry. Also look for a set that’s adjustable so they can grow with your baby into toddlerhood.

5) Safe Bath Products

Handy for both parents and newborns, bath time sets like Dry Skin Bath Time Set are the perfect gift to ensure a clean and happy newborn. Bath sets often include safe, effective products that are sure to make getting clean a breeze for both baby and Mom.

6) Baby Teether

happy baby enjoying tummy time with an orange teether

This little gift will earn you huge bonus points with the new parents when teething time comes along. A good teether should be long enough to reach the baby’s molars but not so long that the baby could potentially hurt themselves.

7) A Cozy Blanket

Every baby needs a special blanket, and those made with ultra-soft fabric and decorative designs make the perfect baby gift. Textured, soft blankets also provide the new baby with safe surfaces to explore and touch.

8) A Safe Toy

The best newborn baby toys are all-natural, soft, rubber, squishy, fuzzy, and perfect for infants to grab on to and play with.

They come in all sorts of designs — from animals, blocks, and balls to cars, trucks, and elephants on wheels — and are the perfect addition for a newborn’s playroom or nursery. After all, no baby can have too many toys.

9) Toys That Promote Development

baby playing with newborn gifts

Similar to tickling your newborn with a feather, you can exercise your baby’s sense of touch with sensory toys like a rattle, activity balls and blocks, and pop-up toys. These stimulating toys are not only fun but help your baby learn.

10) A Perfect Pacifier

Pacifiers have gotten a bit of an upgrade over the last few years. Nowadays, many designs are not only cute to look at but are also manufactured to help keep the pacifier on your baby’s chest.

Pacifiers make the perfect newborn gifts because they are suitable for newborns through 6-month-olds since once babies start teething, they may bite through it.

11) Baby Gear

Help the parents-to-be set up their baby’s nursery, or provide the little one with safety gear.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly baby gear gift, consider a baby swing, floor seat, highchair, or bouncer. All of these have portable options, making them great gift ideas for the family who’s always on the go!

And if you want to splurge on a gift for the newborn, a crib, mattress, stroller, or car seat are all top-notch ideas! Go in with a few friends or family members to give one of these bigger-ticket items.

The good thing with baby gear gifts: you know the parents and their baby will actually use them!

12) Swaddles

Swaddles are a safe and comfy option for keeping a baby warm and cozy while they sleep. Mom and dad can wrap their baby up tightly with a swaddle to mimic the feeling of mom’s womb.

Plus, swaddling helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep. Infants tend to startle themselves while they’re sleeping, but swaddling helps them feel snug and secure.

If you don’t know which type of swaddle to get, velcro swaddles are a great place to start. They’re a little bit easier to use than an actual swaddle blanket and help mom and dad correctly swaddle their baby!

For Parents

regnant woman having dad rub Mustela stretch marks cream on belly

13) Baby Carrier Or Wrap

The new parents are learning to juggle everyday life with a newborn, and sometimes their hands need to rest. With a baby carrier (or wrap), parents can hold their baby close to their chest while having their hands free.

Whether mom and dad need to do a little bit of work or get some things done around the house, a baby carrier will become their lifesaver! Plus, they’re great to use when the new parents want to go on a walk as a family!

14) Rocker Or Glider

Every parent dreams of the memories they’ll make with their baby. You can make this dream a reality by getting the parents a rocker (or glider).

This might be one of those splurge items, so consider going in with a friend or family member to give this gift.

Mom and dad can rock their sweet baby to sleep each night in this rocker. They’ll sing songs, read books, and tell stories in it. This will be a gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

15) Milestone Age Blocks

For all those milestone pictures parents like to take, these blocks add some pizazz. Parents will get years of use from them, as they can be stacked to record how many days-, weeks-, and years-old a child is.

There’s even one to indicate grade, so they can be used for all those first-day-of-school photos throughout the years.

16) Easy-Change Crib Sheets

baby standing and looking upwards from inside his crib

If you’ve ever had to change a crib sheet due to an accident in the middle of a sleepless night, then you’ll realize exactly how brilliant an easy-change sheet is.

No more trying to tug and pull and get the corners to each stay put without pulling another one out. This innovative sheet has a bottom base that wraps around the mattress and stays put safely and securely. When it’s time to change the sheet, parents simply zip off the top portion and zip on another one.

17) A Diaper Bag

Diaper bag full of newborn gifts

Every new parent needs a functional diaper bag. You’ll want to invest in gifting a diaper bag that is both sleek and functional, with many compartments to safely and securely carry all of the supplies new parents need on a daily basis.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget about the essentials for the diaper bag! One diaper bag must-have is our Bebe On The Go. It’s a travel kit that keeps baby clean and allows for easy and quick clean-ups!

Organic Cotton Wipes with Water are  another diaper bag essential. What makes these wipes so amazing is that they’re not just for baby. Moms can use them for quick make-up removal, too!

We can’t forget about one more essential: our Organic Micellar Water with Olive Oil and Aloe. For a quick on-the-go cleanup, grab a cloth or cotton ball and use the cleansing water to gently clean your baby’s face, body, or diaper area. No need to rinse with water! It’s really that simple.

Take it up a notch and pack the diaper bag full of essentials to give as a gift. The parents-to-be will be over the moon with this already stocked diaper bag!

18) Safe And Effective Skincare

Skin care isn’t just important for the new baby; it’s also crucial for the new mother. Look for natural skin care products that are safe for moms who are breastfeeding postpartum.

Our Organic range has just what you’re looking for when it comes to safe and effective skin care for the whole family.. These products are sustainably sourced, EWG-verified, and made with olive oil.

We use olive oil sourced from France, where the olives undergo a very detailed process to give skin the safest and most soothing nourishment.

To start, our Organic Hydrating Cream With Olive Oil And Aloe can take care of the whole family. It’s safe enough for babies to use and effective enough for parents to use! Mom, dad, and baby can experience soft, hydrated skin with this cream!

You can also pair this with our Organic Cleansing Gel With Olive Oil And Aloe in the Organic Bath And Body Gift Set to cleanse and nourish the skin naturally.

Help mom keep her skin in tiptop shape with our Stretch Marks Cream. This cream helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy and leaves her skin comfortable and smooth!

Another safe and effective product for moms is our Stretch Marks Oil. It’s made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, so it’s safe for mom and baby!

19) Plush Baby Mat

Because your new-parent friends can’t hold their newborn baby all the time, give them a safe place to put the child down while they enjoy their lunch or just take a short break. A quality newborn baby mat is super soft, grips the floor, and is machine washable for when baby spits up.

20) Milestone Cards

tiny newborn hand grasping parent's finger

Much like milestone blocks, milestone cards make for a wonderfully sentimental gift.

Milestone cards highlight [insert the child’s name here — they can usually be personalized!] first-year milestones with fun animal drawings and extra space to fill in the pertinent details of said accomplishment. They also provide a checklist of year-one milestones so their parents can tick them all off.

21) A Bedtime Book

Bedtime stories are something new parents will treasure forever. They will have fond memories of reading special books to their little ones before bed every night.

Margaret Wise-Brown’s classic Goodnight Moon is the perfect bedtime read. If you haven’t read this book, it’s the story of a sleepy rabbit saying goodnight to everything in his great green room, including your newborn.

It’s the perfect gift to help parents coo their little one to sleep in the nursery.

22) Sleeper Onesie With Diaper Changer

There’s nothing worse than finally getting a baby ready for bed only to realize that they had an accident and you have to start the whole process over again.

If the newborn baby was wearing a onesie with diaper access, however, that diaper change would be a breeze. Certain sleepers feature multiple zippers: one that runs from foot to collar for dressing, then another that runs along the inseam for easy diaper access.

You can help make changing a breeze by gifting one of these smartly designed pajama pairs.

And don’t forget to consider giving larger sizes, too. After all, newborns don’t stay tiny forever! Our Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas make a great gift that parents can save for later.

These pajamas come with adjustable snaps and moisturize baby’s skin throughout the night!

24) A Techy Monitor

Every new parent needs a monitor to be their eyes and ears when they’re not physically next to their little one. A high-quality monitor will set parents and baby up for added safety, security, and peace of mind.

Giving the Perfect Gift

New parents holding newborn

With the above options, you’re sure to be the greatest gift-giver in the history of newborn gifts. Use these top-of-the-line ideas for inspiration when purchasing your next new baby gift.

Remember to keep the baby and the parents-to-be in mind when you’re in the market for a newborn gift. And give the mom-to-be a special treat for her skin with Mustela’s Maternity Collection, Organic Bath And Body Gift Set, or a convenient eGift Card!