When it comes to caring for your skin with oils, there are several natural, safe, and nourishing options. From coconut oil to sunflower seed oil, you’ve got plenty of choices! In this article, we’ll hone in on using olive oil for skincare.

First, we’ll go over three of the amazing benefits that olive oil provides for your skin. Then, we’ll give you several ideas for how to easily add this natural oil to your family’s skincare routine.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin

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1) Olive Oil Is Moisturizing

This benefit might seem obvious but we can’t skip it! Similar to other natural oils that you may apply to your skin, olive oil is super moisturizing. It helps to trap needed hydration in your skin.

Your skin naturally produces an oily barrier that helps it retain hydration while at the same time keeping the bad guys (like environmental irritants) out.

Unfortunately, this skin barrier can become weakened by everyday things: dry weather, hot water, irritating chemicals, sun exposure, and the like.

Dry, itchy, or irritated skin is a pretty good sign that your skin barrier needs some repairing and moisturizing. A moisturizer — like olive oil — can help do just that!

Olive oil moisturizes your skin without any additional (and questionable) ingredients or irritating chemical additives.

2) Olive Oil Is High In Vitamins

Olive oil serves not only to moisturize your skin but also to provide a big dose of skin-healthy vitamins. According to The International Olive Council, olive oil is full of vitamins A, D, K, and E.

For many people, olive oil is a staple in the kitchen, and these vitamins provide all sorts of benefits when ingested. But that’s not all!

When it comes to using olive oil as part of your skincare routine, the high vitamin content makes it ideal for repairing and regenerating skin.

Plus, vitamin D can help to ease inflammation, while vitamin E is an antioxidant and shines for its ability to nourish your skin and help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.

3) Olive Oil Contains Antioxidants

Woman applying olive oil for skin

We just mentioned that vitamin E is an antioxidant, but it’s not the only antioxidant that can be found in olive oil. In fact, olive oil is full of them!

What’s the big deal with antioxidants? As you might guess from the name, antioxidants fight a process called oxidation, which produces free radicals that can damage your cells (and can even contribute to cancer!).

Antioxidants help protect your cells against damage from free radicals, fight skin aging, and calm inflammation.

Since it’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and moisturizing to boot, olive oil makes a great addition to your skincare routine. But if you’re used to using this oil to marinate a chicken or dress a salad, you might be unsure how to use it for your skin.

That’s what we’ll go over now. There are several ways to make use of this healthy oil!

Tips For Using Olive Oil For Skin

Woman applying olive oil for skin with a cotton pad

1) Use A High-Quality Olive Oil

Before we get into the different ways to use olive oil for skin, we’d like to remind you to use a high-quality product. All olive oils are not created equal!

There are three things to look for to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality olive oil:

  • Organic
  • Extra Virgin
  • Cold-pressed

You can easily find all of that information on the bottle.

Here at Mustela, we took special care when choosing where we wanted to source the olive oil used in our products. Our organic olive oil comes from a family-owned olive grove in the South of France.

The olives undergo a cold-pressed extraction process to maximize potency and skin-nourishing properties. Only the best of the best for your and your family’s skin!

2) Apply It Directly To Your Skin

With high-quality olive oil on hand, all you have to do is apply it directly to your skin to reap its moisturizing benefits.

If you’ve ever used another natural oil (like coconut oil) on your skin, then you’re set — you can apply olive oil in the same way!

On the other hand, if you’re more familiar with applying traditional lotions, you’ll need to keep in mind that with olive oil, a little goes a long way. Start out with a small amount so that you don’t end up too oily.

Remember that after massaging the oil into your skin, you can always pat yourself with a paper towel to remove any excess oil.

3) Moisturize With A Lotion

Older sibling applying hydrating cream on baby face

While applying olive oil straight to your skin is one way to use it, if you find it too oily or simply aren’t into it, you can still reap the benefits of this oil by using a lotion made with it.

We recommend Mustela Organic Hydrating Cream with Olive Oil and Aloe, which is carefully crafted with 99.6% naturally derived ingredients including organic aloe vera, organic sunflower oil, and, of course, organic olive oil.

This lightweight, fragrance-free, and EWG-Verified cream is perfect for the whole family. It’s safe for even the most sensitive of baby skin and effective at moisturizing adult skin.

Bonus: our Organic Hydrating Cream with Olive Oil and Aloe is also eco-friendly and good for the earth! The formula is biodegradable; the packaging is made from sustainably sourced sugar cane, and we’ve gotten rid of secondary cartons.

4) Make A DIY Scrub

olive oil body scrub

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and reveal softer, younger-looking skin. For a little bit of olive oil-infused exfoliation, easily whip up your own DIY scrub and have at it!

To make your own sugar scrub, all you need is sugar and olive oil. Slowly add olive oil until the mixture resembles pasty sand. Gently rub the mixture in circles on your skin and then rinse it away.

Expert tip: remember not to exfoliate too often. If you do, you may end up drying out your skin.

5) Clean And Moisturize At The Same Time

Mom applying Mustela’s Organic Cleansing Gel with Olive Oil and Aloe on baby

Soaps and shampoos are designed to scrub-a-dub to remove dirt and grime from your skin and scalp. But in the process of cleaning, sometimes the ingredients in these products also end up stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Opt for a body wash that gets your skin squeaky clean while moisturizing at the same time. Say hello to Mustela’s Organic Cleansing Gel with Olive Oil and Aloe!

If you’re trying to go sulfate-free, this product is for you. This is a gentle, sulfate-free hair and body wash that is safe for baby’s sensitive skin but also effective enough for big kids and adults!

Made with 97.5% naturally derived ingredients including organic aloe and organic olive oil, this cleansing gel will leave your (or your child’s) skin refreshed, hydrated, and healthy.

You can also rest assured that this dermatologist- and pediatrician tested formula is vegan, fragrance-free, and free of phenoxyethanol, parabens, and phthalates.

6) Treat Your Baby’s Skin To Olive Oil

Little girl holding purse and mustela products that have Olive Oil For Skin

Olive oil is a great way to naturally care for your baby’s skin!

That’s why we’ve included organic olive oil in our Organic Micellar Water with Olive Oil and Aloe. It contains only eight ingredients, 99.7% of which are naturally derived.

This micellar water is fragrance-free and gently cleans your little one’s face, hands, body, and diaper area. And since there’s no need to rinse it off, cleanup is quick and easy!

Cleaning your little one with micellar water is not the only way to put olive oil to use. This natural oil is also the star ingredient in our Diaper Cream with Olive Oil and Aloe.

This EWG-Verified formula contains 99.7% naturally derived ingredients and is designed to leave a moisturizing layer on your baby’s skin to soothe and diminish diaper rash and redness at every diaper change.

Olive Oil For Healthy Skin

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Olive oil is not just for the kitchen! It also provides amazing benefits for your skin.

In addition to moisturizing your thirsty skin, it’s high in vitamins as well as antioxidants, which means that it can help repair, regenerate, and calm your skin as well as protect your cells from free radical damage.

Apply olive oil directly to your skin; make a scrub or mask; or opt for a safe, gentle product made with olive oil such as Mustela’s Organic Hydrating Cream with Olive Oil and Aloe or Organic Cleansing Gel with Olive Oil and Aloe.

And don’t forget about the little ones in your family! Treat their skin to Diaper Cream with Olive Oil and Aloe to calm their bottom and Organic Micellar Water with Olive Oil and Aloe to clean their kissable skin.

Soon, your whole family will be enjoying the benefits of olive oil for the skin!