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By parent's side since 1950, Mustela is a French family-owned brand and is proud to be B Corp certified.  

We manufacture clean & gentle skincare products using natural ingredients for newborns, and for the whole family.

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The meeting of a pharmacist and an entrepreneur

In 1950, they invented the first baby cleansing milk. Many soft-skinned generations later, parents still count on Mustela to care for their families' skin.  

Our Commitments

What is a ''responsible brand''?

Our ambitious approach to minimize the impact of our products on people and our planet is longstanding.

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Mustela is uniquely positioned to offer the best of science, as an expert in neonatal dermatology and of nature, as a leader in plant extraction

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Our unique knowledge in babies' skin

Due to ambitious research programs, which have been recognized worldwide, we have developed a unique expertise in the physiology of babies and children's skin.

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Plant-based active ingredients and green technologies

We identify the best ingredients from the plant world - preferably organic- from which we extract effective and gentle key active ingredients, using technologies that respect people and our environment.  

What's in our products?

  • Our Hero Ingredient
  • Our formulation charter 
  • Gauranteed safety

We explore nature to find the most effective natural ingredients that will support children un building strong and healthy skin.

We are committed to choosing only the best: The best for your baby's skin and for all expecting mothers, but also for our planet. Our stringent formulation charter reflects this commitment to clean, gentle and effective skincare.

Each Mustela product must pass over 450 tests and be evaluated and validated by an independent toxicologist before it can be marketed. Our commitment: to provide you with clean and effective skincare products for babies (as soon as birth), and for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Engagée aux côtés des parents partout dans le monde

The Mustela Foundation

We stand by parents - all around the world!

Founded in 1982, the Mustela Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life of children and families all around the world. The Foundation is also involved alongside researchers and childcare professionals through several grants and awards.