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Sustainable Sourcing Initiatives

At Expanscience, developing increasingly responsible product ranges involves taking social, societal and environmental challenges into account across all the stages in a given product's life or a range of services.

It means, for example, adopting an eco-design approach for all our cosmetics active ingredients or all the products in our Mustela ranges. And it also means providing people with services and advice on treating osteoarthritis and keeping their skin healthy.

Responsible Supply Sourcing

In December 2011, Expanscience became a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), an international non-profit association set up to preserve the planet's biodiversity and ensure compliance with fair trade regulations.

In 2016, Expanscience acquired the Peruvian firm Deshidratados Tropicales, which specializes in sourcing and processing plant raw materials. With this acquisition, Expanscience provides for a more secure and more traceable supply of avocado and maca, two plant raw materials that play a strategic role in three of its business lines: Dermo-Cosmetics (Mustela), Rheumatology (Piasclédine 300) and Cosmetic Active Ingredients (Macaline, Skinergium, Avocado Perseose).


Our Product Formulations

Caring for the most vulnerable skin, i.e. that of babies, expectant women and young mothers, requires carefully selected raw materials and the most suitable formulations.

Therefore, for all our raw materials, we implement a strict selection, qualification and control process that goes even further than regulatory requirements and we give priority to the use of natural ingredients in all our Mustela dermo-cosmetic treatments.

Before being marketed, these products are put through tests and safety protocols specific to products intended for children under the age of three to ensure that they are effective, safe and harmless.


Reducing Our Environmental Impact

From sourcing raw materials to products' end-of-life, we do all we can to reduce our environmental impact.

For example, the packaging used with our Mustela products provides them with perfect protection and is designed with the same care and according to the same strict requirements as our product formulations. So since 2006, we have been working on reducing its environmental impact.