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    NEW: Home Compostable Wipes!

    Your favorite wipes are evolving: thanks to their formula with 99% natural ingredients and their plant-based fiber, they are now compostable at home! Available fragrance-free or with Mustela signature scent.

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    Trusted by experts, we offer skincare for babies and families that combines dermatological expertise with natural, gentle, and effective ingredients. Explore now for premium skincare you can rely on.

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    We have made mom and baby skincare products since 1950 in France from natural ingredients. Our skincare products are formulated to respect all skins, humans and our planet.

    Carbon neutral by 2030

    Our Expertise in plant extract

    B Corp Certified


    Do you know your child's skin type ?

    Mustela researchers have scientifically proven that there are different skin types in babies. Delicately soft and supple, dry and rough or with atopic tendency. Choose the products that suit him.

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    Natural. Safe. Clean.


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    Katie Friedman, a pediatrician answers the most common questions about baby skincare.