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55 Best Gifts For Newborn Baby Boys In 2024

Updated on June 13, 2024
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Your friend just had a baby boy, and you don’t have a clue what to buy to celebrate the new mister. Whether you’re shopping for a baby shower gift or are making an informal drop-in to meet the little one, the key to great baby boy gifts is blending the personal with the practical.

In this article, we share gift-giving strategies, as well as 55 of the very best baby boy gifts of 2023. You’ll find something perfect for the occasion, from stress-relieving lotions to sunscreen for a baby’s first day at the beach.

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How To Shop For Baby Boy Gifts

baby boy

Make Them Parent-Friendly

Resist the crazy noise makers. When you’re buying baby boy gifts, you want to think first about the parents’ tastes (and what might drive them up a wall). Newborn gifting has as much — if not more — to do with the parents as it does with the child.

Think About Themes

A good way to approach gift-giving is to think of a theme. This may involve a milestone, a season, or a new parent’s daily ritual — nap time or bath time, for example. That gives your gift a through-line, so it will feel thoughtful and make sense.

Consider Your Budget

Before you start purchasing things for your gift, figure out your budget. Remember that the best gifts are the most personal, not the most expensive.

55 Baby Boy Gifts That Will Wow

With the above considerations in mind, let’s get into our list of baby boy gifts!


basket of baby boy gifts

1) Newborn Arrival Gift Set

Baby boy’s soft, sensitive skin deserves the best care. The Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set has all that’s needed to clean, hydrate, and soothe.

2) Personalized Blanket Or Toy

Choose a blanket or toy with the baby’s name embroidered or inscribed on it.

Bath Time

baby boy bath time

3) Safe And Sudsy Bath Products

The Mustela Certified Organic Bath and Body Gift Set and Bathtime Essentials Set are perfect for soaking in the tub.

4) A Fun Hooded Towel

Pick a cute hooded towel with patterns, prints, or even ears to add an extra dose of cuteness to bath time.

5) Baby Bathtub And Bath Toys

A top-notch tub with bath toys will definitely make a splash.

6) A Kneeling Mat

Bath time is hard on the knees. A kneeling mat makes bath time more comfortable for mom and dad!

7) A New Signature Scent

Musti Eau de Soin Spray both smells good and helps with bonding between a mom and her little one.

8) A Suite Of Skincare Products

Our Certified Organic Hydrating Cream, Certified Organic Micellar Water, and Certified Organic Cleansing Gel are a terrific trio for baby’s arrival thanks to soothing ingredients like olive oil and aloe.

Lunch Time

baby boy lunch time

9) A High Chair

A growing boy will need the perfect high chair for mealtime.

10) First Feeding Set

A feeding set can be paired with a recipe for an organic vegetable puree.

11) A Teether

When the new baby is cutting his teeth, he’ll need relief. A cute teether can help.

12) Bibs

Babies are notoriously messy eaters, so a selection of bibs that are washable and stylish makes a wonderful gift.

Nap Time

pajamas make great baby boy gifts

13) Swaddle Or Sleep Sack

When a baby hits the hay, he should be wrapped in a swaddle, slipped into a sleepsack or, if his skin is extra sensitive as he grows, Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas.

14) A Mobile

A sweet mobile to hang near the crib (but never directly over it, where it may fall on him!) will entertain him and add a nice touch to his room.

15) Baby Lounger

A portable baby lounger will keep the new baby safe within arm’s reach.

16) Baby Soother

A baby soother can calm fussy babies with its relaxing sounds, melodies, and lullabies.

17) Crib Sheets

Organic sheets in modern prints add some panache to the nursery.

18) Air Purifier

The little lad may be sensitive to dust in the air. A purifier will have him breathing easily!

19) Nightlight

For evening crib check-ins, it’s nice to have a nightlight to lead the way.

20) Rattles And Sensory Toys

Look for high-contrast toys or those that make shaking or crinkling sounds.

21) A Lovey Or Stuffed Animal

A classic dog or fantastical dragon — choose a plush animal or lovey that is sure to become his best friend.

22) Stacking Or Pull Toys

A bright-colored stacking or pull toy will get good use in fast order.

23) Easy Puzzles

Choose a puzzle with a few chunky pieces — perfect for little hands’ fine motor skills.

24) Musical Toy

Maracas, shakers, and other simple instruments are perfect for the budding musician.

25) A Local Class

Find out if there’s a local Mommy or Daddy and Me music class.


baby boy laying on stomach

26) Organic Layette

An envelope-style onesie or a zip-up footie in organic cotton will hit the mark.

27) A Sporty Outfit

Choose a fan-favorite romper, onesie, or tee from your friend’s favorite sports team.

28) Pair Of Booties Or Crib Shoes

Even for a pre-walker, a cute pair of crib shoes or booties can put pep in his step.


baby boy laying with mustela baby products

29) Diapers, Creams, And A Potty Seat To Look Forward To!

Stuff a box with newborn diapers and some wipes and creams, like Mustela Cleansing Wipes and Diaper Rash Cream 1-2-3. Add a potty seat for when diaper changes are a thing of the past.

30) Artwork From A Local Artist

Choose a photo, painting, or handicraft made by the local art community for the nursery.

31) A Selection Of Books For The Shelf

Select an array of board books that are good for little minds and little fingers.

32) A Glider Or Rocker

Every nursery needs a comfy chair for feedings and bedtime stories.

33) A Cool Light

They say lighting is everything in decor, so find a fun light to brighten the room.

34) A Decorative Pillow

Give the nursery a little pizazz with a pillow for the nursing chair.

35) Baskets For Storage

Pick out a few cute baskets or boxes for blankets, photos, or toys.

36) A Playmat Or Activity Gym

A playmat or activity gym provides the perfect place for tummy time.

Beach Time

baby boy holding sunscreen

37) Baby’s First Swimsuit (And SPF)

A stripy pair of swim trunks and some sunscreen, like Mustela SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Bundle, are ideal vacation-ready baby boy gifts.

38) Water Shoes

His little feet will need some water shoes so he can splash in the water at the beach or lake!

39) Beach Toys

Pick a pail, shovel, and sifter for sandcastle fun.

40) An Infant Floatie

An inflatable baby float keeps him safe and gives the parents peace of mind.

41) A Cool Pair Of Shades

Little eyes deserve protection even from a young age!

Winter Time

42) Footmuffs And Handmuffs

A warming footmuff for baby boy and handmuffs for the parent will be appreciated!

43) A Cozy Snowsuit

Another option for winter is a toasty hooded puffer one-piece.


Parents pushing a stroller

44) A Portable Travel Crib

A travel crib can help give the new little man a good night's sleep when on the go.

45) A Lightweight Stroller

Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, he’ll love a nice new pair of wheels.

46) Baby Carrier Or Wrap

Baby carrying has all sorts of benefits for both baby and parent, from bonding to hands-free travel.

For Parents

Mom with skin care products

47) Post-Pregnancy Essentials

Mustela Stretch Mark Set, which includes a cream and oil and the Organic Nursing Comfort Balm, helps soothe mom’s recovering skin.

48) Stylish Diaper Bag

They new parents will need a bag with lots of pockets to bring all of those baby essentials along.

49) Milestone Markers

Milestone markers tell the date and time of his newest triumph! Crawling, check. Walking, check. What’s next?

50) A Photo Album

With so much digital, having a physical album of baby photos is worth the effort.

51) A Memory Box

Get a memory box for all of his keepsakes.

52) Babysitting Vouchers

Offer to take over baby duty while the parents get a restful night out.

53) A Special Date Night

Best combined with the babysitting voucher, a gift certificate for a restaurant in town is sure to be appreciated.

54) A Meal Kit

With a new little boy, who has the time to cook? A meal kit will be a welcome relief!

55) An EGift Card

Give a gift card for a day at a local spa, or for a favored brand.

Great Gifting For All

With all of these ideas, you’re well-equipped to find baby boy gifts loved by both the parents and the child. Set your budget, pick your theme, and include something special for each of them.

With 50 years of skincare experience and a commitment to the best ingredients, we at Mustela offer maternity products and newborn essentials that will make any gift for little boys and their parents even more special!

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