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Your little one is going to have a sibling! As your family expands, you might want to expand your expectations this go-round. Don’t expect your second pregnancy to mirror your first.

Even though your babies come from the same womb, it doesn’t mean your pregnancies will be the same. Mustela’s baby experts give you the low-down when it comes to your second pregnancy with these 11 surprising ways it’s different from your first!

Second Pregnancy Differences

1) You’ll Feel Pregnant Sooner

With your first pregnancy, you probably wondered when you would actually “feel” pregnant. But since you’re a pro by now, you’re more apt to recognize some early pregnancy symptoms!

Keep in mind that the symptoms might be different from your first pregnancy, but they could also be identical. Some symptoms that you may experience more or less of include:

For example, you may have had morning sickness with your first pregnancy. You could have the same, more, or less morning sickness with your second pregnancy.

While we’re on the topic of morning sickness, you’ve probably heard the old wives’ tale that relates morning sickness to the gender of your baby. But this pregnancy symptom has less to do with the gender of your baby and more to do with your body.

Even if you are expecting the same gender as your first child, you could experience different symptoms this time around.

Check out our article Pregnancy Symptoms: 14 Signs That You Might Be Pregnant for a deeper and more thorough explanation of your pregnancy symptoms.

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2) You’ll Look Pregnant Sooner

Woman on her second pregnancy

Because your abdominal and uterine muscles have already stretched and are laxer from your first pregnancy, your belly will pop out sooner than it did with your first baby.

Unfortunately, those lax abdominal muscles come with their own set of possible challenges: backaches and other body pains. The good news is you’ll be able to break out your old maternity clothes sooner!

3) You May Be More Tired

You were most likely able to take naps and rest whenever you needed to with your first pregnancy. We can’t say the same for your second pregnancy.

After all, you’re probably chasing around another child! Who has energy when you’re housing a baby and meeting the demands of your firstborn?

Be prepared for the fatigue to set in a little sooner with this pregnancy. And when it does, call in reinforcements so you can catch that much-needed nap!

It’s also important to maintain a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine while you’re pregnant to regain your lost energy.

4) You May Carry Your Baby Lower

Your abdominal muscles likely aren’t as strong and tight as they were during your first pregnancy, so they can’t support your baby as well as they did the first time around.

Because of this, you may carry your baby a little lower now. The bad news? That means more trips to the restroom to empty your bladder, along with some pelvic discomfort because of your baby’s position.

And since you may carry your baby lower than before, stretch marks might appear — or reappear — during your second pregnancy. Try Mustela’s Stretch Marks Oil to limit the appearance of stretch marks and leave your skin restored, refreshed, and noticeably smoother!

5) You’ll Feel Your Baby Move Sooner

Woman on her second pregnancy applying Stretch Marks Oil

Once again, you can thank your stretched abdominal muscles for this one! You may start to feel your baby moving around at about 16 weeks — or even sooner.

Plus, you’ve felt your baby move before, so you’re more aware of what it feels like when your baby kicks!

6) You’re Not As Anxious

Your first pregnancy left you with curiosity and worry. Since it was your first time being pregnant, you had no idea what to expect with each trimester.

Your second time around, you pretty much know what to expect, even though your pregnancy is different. You can put your mind at ease now that you’ve already been pregnant and given birth.

However, no pregnancy is exempt from a worrisome mom. If you find yourself worrying so much that you can’t sleep or it’s taking over your mind, talk to your obstetrician right away!

7) You’ll Need To Share The News With A Child

Whether you have a baby, toddler, older child, or adolescent, you have an extra someone to share your exciting news with!

Age-appropriate preparation will make all the difference for your first child. After all, they are going from only child to oldest child. Include your child in your big reveal and make it special for them.

Let them share in the excitement and celebrate this new journey that you and your family are on!

8) You Will Have New Emotions

With any pregnancy, moms across the board experience a variety of emotions. Some moms are filled with excitement, while some are filled with worry. You could even experience both at the same time!

With the highs and lows of emotions that accompany moms-to-be, you’ll now have the added worry of how a new baby will affect your firstborn.

You have a special bond with your first child and wonder if it will be the same the second time around. You love them so much and fear that you won’t be able to love your second child the same.

Many mothers experience this feeling during their second pregnancy. Put your mind at ease knowing your family isn’t the only thing expanding — your love and your heart are, too!

9) You Might Experience More Braxton Hicks Contractions

First child hugging pregnant moms belly

Because your body has felt — and experienced — real contractions, it can recognize Braxton Hicks contractions easier.

On top of that, your uterine muscles are already stretched out (as we’ve mentioned), so those Braxton Hicks contractions may be more frequent for a second-time mom.

To tell the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real contractions, try changing your position. If you’ve been sitting, stand up for a bit or vice versa. Drinking lots of water, (around two liters) is something else you can try to stop Braxton Hicks contractions.

Braxton Hicks contractions will end after a little while, whereas real, active contractions will continue throughout these changes.

10) Your Labor And Delivery Will Likely Go Faster

Your body’s prior experience with labor and delivery play a role in a faster delivery. Every phase of labor tends to be shorter for second-time moms.

Even the amount of time you’ll spend pushing is shortened! This is because certain parts of your body have loosened up, specifically your cervix and uterus.

11) Your Breastfeeding Experience May Be Easier

If you breastfed your first baby, you and your newborn were learning the ropes when it came to breastfeeding. It was a new experience for both of you.

This time around, however, you’re familiar with how it works. Even though breastfeeding is new for your baby, you have a better idea of what to do!

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Embrace Your Second Pregnancy

First child with mom whose on her second pregnancy

You’re no stranger to pregnancy symptoms. But keep in mind that your symptoms during this pregnancy may or may not resemble the symptoms of your first pregnancy.

With your second pregnancy, you have a little one — or not-so-little-one — running around at home. And whether you’re toting your child on your hip or to baseball practice, you’ll find naps won’t come as easy as they did during your first pregnancy.

Another difference in your second pregnancy is a shorter labor and easier delivery in terms of how your body adjusts. We’d say this is a perk of your second pregnancy, with the most obvious perk being your new little one!

Mustela is excited for your growing family, which is why we not only have products for you, the mom-to-be, but we also have products for your little one.

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Now you’re ready to embrace your second pregnancy!