You’re expecting a new little bundle of joy. Congratulations! Maybe this is your second, third, or fourth child. You’ve had a baby shower for your firstborn, but you’re not quite sure what the formalities are for your second born and beyond.

A baby sprinkle is your answer! Mustela’s baby experts are here to guide you in explaining what a baby sprinkle is and how to throw one.

What Is A Baby Sprinkle?

expecting mother relaxing before baby sprinkle

A baby sprinkle is basically a low-key baby shower. With your firstborn, you had a baby shower with all the bells and whistles. A baby sprinkle, on the other hand, isn’t as involved and doesn’t have all the little extras you would find at a baby shower. It’s simply a time to celebrate the new life you’re about to bring into the world.

FAQs About Baby Sprinkles

With a baby sprinkle being a little different than a baby shower, there are some specific etiquette rules to follow. General etiquette calls for only the firstborn to be “showered,” but of course you want to celebrate each new bundle of joy! This is where a baby sprinkle comes into the picture.

When Should I Have A Baby Sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is generally given around the same time as a baby shower. This timeframe is usually 28 to 32 weeks gestation (or 8 to 10 weeks before your due date).

Who Should I Invite?

For a baby sprinkle, you invite only your closest family and friends. Your baby shower probably included neighbors, co-workers, a childhood friend, and distant relatives. But for a baby sprinkle, you will want to narrow the list. This is not a time for “catching up” or reconnecting with old friends.

Since a baby sprinkle is more casual and low-key, you can make it a co-ed and child-friendly gathering. Send an invitation to the older sibling(s) as a way to make them feel included and special.

How Long Does A Baby Sprinkle Last?

The typical time period for a baby sprinkle to last is around two hours. There won’t be all the specific details like there would be at a baby shower. For example, you won’t have as many guests, resulting in a more relaxed atmosphere with only light finger foods.

Maybe you prefer a drop-in style gathering since it’s more casual. Just be sure to let your host know what you prefer.

Who Hosts A Baby Sprinkle?

Generally, a close friend will host a baby sprinkle. A few close friends could also co-host a baby sprinkle together.

Should I Create A Registry For A Baby Sprinkle?

friends celebrating at a baby sprinkle

A registry is always helpful for your guests when choosing a gift. Whether this is your second, third, or fourth pregnancy (or beyond), a registry is especially important because it will help your guests know what you already have and what you still need.

Gift Ideas For A Baby Sprinkle


Maybe you’ve sifted through all your baby clothes — if there are even any clean onesies left from all the spit up from Baby No. 1, or 2, or 3 — and there’s not that much of a selection in the clothes department. If this is the case, you’ll want to add clothes to your registry.


Guests can never go wrong with diapers. This time around, maybe you want to consider trying cloth diapers. You’ll need to specifically add cloth diapers to the registry if that is your preference for your little one.

Baby Products

white baby nursery

You’re probably running low in the baby-product department. You need lotion, baby shampoo, baby oil, and wipes...all the things you quickly run out of.

Mustela is here with you along this journey to provide you with the best natural products when you’re expecting. The following are great additions to your little one’s nursery when creating your registry:

  • Newborn Arrival Gift Set — contains five essential, natural skin care products designed for a newborn’s delicate skin
  • Bathtime Essentials Set — includes four plant-based products to help keep baby clean
  • Belly And Bust: Pregnancy Skincare Set — natural skin care for the changing skin of new and expecting moms
  • Wipes — Mustela’s Diaper Wipes are soft and durable.
Gender-Specific Gifts

Maybe this pregnancy you’re expecting a different gender than your first- or second-born. All the baby items you’ve accumulated are not gender-friendly this time around for your new bundle of joy.

A baby sprinkle is an opportune time to register for items that you would like to be gender-specific.

gender-specific gifts for baby sprinkle

Is A Baby Sprinkle Tacky?

Absolutely not. With the rules of etiquette constantly changing, you may encounter some who will question your baby sprinkle. To clear the air, explain what a baby sprinkle is on the invitation, or simply explain by word-of-mouth.

Put simply, a baby sprinkle is an occasion to gather with your closest family and friends to celebrate the addition of a new member to your family. Who will want to pass up that opportunity?

How To Throw A Baby Sprinkle


Even though a baby sprinkle is a more modest gathering than a baby shower, you can still do invitations (or an online invite if you prefer). It’s a good idea to specify somewhere on the invitations that it is a baby sprinkle and not a shower.

By adding the specifics, you clarify for those who are hesitant or unfamiliar with a baby sprinkle. Don’t make it stressful, but still have fun with it! Create a theme for the sprinkle, and create the invitations based upon your theme.


Who doesn’t love cute decorations? Maybe the decorations won’t be as extravagant and detailed as those at a baby shower, but this is still a special time in your life as a mommy-to-be. Make it fun and cute!

The decorations can be as simple as you want. It’s a baby sprinkle, so you can’t go wrong with a sprinkle theme!


cake pops for baby sprinkle

Deciding what type of food to serve can be stressful with any gathering. But with a baby sprinkle, keep it sweet and simple. That should be the main theme for any baby sprinkle: sweet and simple.

It doesn’t need to be a full meal. Just have some finger foods, mini cakes or cupcakes, chips and dip, baby carrots — something along the lines of a light snack.


One of the main highlights of a baby shower is the games. But this time around, you can cut out guessing which type of chocolate is in the diaper and which baby food you’re tasting while blindfolded...unless you don’t want to. Honestly, it’s totally up to you!

Create A Book

Perhaps instead of games, have a sentimental activity. Guests can create a book full of encouragement or words of wisdom. Sharing a funny mom story would be a great addition to the book.

When you read the book later, it would be a stress reliever for you, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Activities For Children

If you’re going to have little ones at your shower, it’s a good idea to set up a table with activities for them. Designate a section at the party just for them so they feel included. One example of an activity they can do is decorate onesies with fabric paint and a stamp pad.

Make It A Mom Celebration

mothers celebrating one another at baby sprinkle

Maybe you don’t need any essentials for your new little one. In that case, the baby sprinkle can be a celebration just for you! Your guests can pamper you during the party with a day out, a pedicure, or time to yourself. Just make sure your host specifies this type of celebration on the invitations.

Pregnancy can be stressful, especially if this isn’t your first rodeo and you have a little one — or little ones — already running around at home.

A baby sprinkle is just the solution for you, the mom-to-be. It’s a chance to unwind, socialize, and enjoy yourself and your time with family and friends. With this low-key, more casual gathering, you can kick your feet up and relax while you wait for your new baby to arrive.