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We know that planning the perfect baby shower can be a daunting task. Whether you’re the mommy-to-be or her best friend, it seems like everything’s been done before. Don’t let that get you down. Even though someone else came up with that awesome baby shower idea you saw on the internet, you can use it as inspiration for your own party.

The experts at Mustela are here to provide the best inspiration possible. We’ve put together 55 unique baby shower ideas that will make for one unforgettable celebration.

And, since many people are turning to technology and online solutions nowadays, we’re also including tips and ideas for throwing a virtual baby shower. However you choose to celebrate the mom-to-be, we’ve got you covered!

But before we get to all of that, let’s start with the basics: the who, what, when, where, and why of baby showers.

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Why Have A Baby Shower?

The simple answer is because it’s both fun and productive. A baby shower can help the parents-to-be feel less overwhelmed. It can also relieve stress and anxiety. How in the world can a party do all that? Through the best therapy of all: gifts and gab.

Babies require A LOT of things when they finally arrive. Gifts from loving friends can go a long way toward ensuring that all the necessities are covered.

Giving the essentials, like diaper products and skincare products (for babies and mommies), also helps reduce that sense of “Have I got enough?” that all new parents feel.

parents' and baby's hands

And then there’s the gab. Even second- and third-time parents feel anxious about the new life on the way. Really, who wouldn’t?

But talking and laughing about the adventures (and misadventures) of parenthood can significantly reduce that anxiety. In fact, that’s one important purpose of a baby shower: to mentally prepare the parents for the important job to come.

For those leaning toward a virtual baby shower, don’t despair! Remember that you can accomplish both goals (gifts and gab) online. While it might not be exactly the shower you had in mind, rest assured that it can still be a success.

Who Should Plan And Host The Baby Shower?

Whose job is it to throw a baby shower for a mom-to-be? Can a best friend, coworker, or neighbor plan the baby shower, or should you leave it up to a relative? The answer is that anyone who’s willing and able is welcome to throw a baby shower!

It doesn’t really matter who plans and hosts the festivities, as long as it gets done. Plus, sometimes there could be more than one baby shower, each shower involving different groups of people.

Some expectant moms even plan their own showers. That’s OK, too. But if that’s the case for you, let us offer you a tiny bit of advice: Ask a friend or relative to send the invitations and collect the RSVPs. That way, it doesn’t look like you’re throwing yourself a party.

When Should You Throw The Baby Bash?

Pregnant woman holding belly

Our advice when settling on a date for the party is this: Don’t wait! Even if your best friend only just found out she’s pregnant a week ago, get started planning the shower now.

And don’t be afraid to hold the shower early in the second trimester, rather than waiting until the third trimester.

We recommend that for two very important reasons:

  • It gives the prospective parents plenty of time to buy any essentials they still need after the shower.
  • It ensures that the mommy-to-be has plenty of energy to enjoy her party.

      Where Should You Host the Party?

      We’ll talk about this a bit more when we give you our baby shower ideas because the location of your baby shower completely depends on the guest list and the atmosphere you want to create! But for now, let’s dive into a few different location ideas.

      Your backyard or a local park are great locations for a laid-back couples’ barbecue or a girls’ picnic. For a different feel (and quick clean-up!), host a shower at a restaurant. And, of course, your living room or kitchen are perfect places for just about any baby shower.

      Finally, if your shower is going to be virtual, everyone will simply join in on the fun from their own homes!

      When it comes to location, the possibilities are endless.

      Who Should You Invite To The Celebration?

      Baby shower ideas

      Here are some words that every baby-shower-planner should live by: Keep it close. Invite only the people who are closest to the new parents so that no one feels obliged to attend. If that means just four friends and their spouses, then so be it.

      Size doesn’t matter where baby showers are concerned. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be the hostess-with-the-mostest and end up inviting everyone and your third cousin, once removed. Parents, close extended family, and a few girlfriends make up the ideal guest list for a truly memorable baby shower.

      What Should You Do During The Baby Shower?

      This, along with how to decorate, is probably the biggest question you have. It’s hard to plan a baby shower that pleases everyone, so keep in mind that the pregnant mommy’s preferences are the priority! Make sure to ask her what she wants to do during the shower.

      A baby shower can be whatever the mom-to-be wants and might completely deviate from the norm! But, typically, a shower includes yummy food, a couple of games (or crafts, but more on that later), and opening gifts. And, of course, plenty of time to sit and chat!

      Speaking of gifts, if you’re the expecting mom, make sure there are enough items on your registry before the shower invitations go out. You’ll want to make it easy for guests to know what you want for your little one.

      If you’re opting for something specific, like organic baby products, your registry should reflect that. Include eco-friendly and skin-safe baby products, such as our Organic Bath And Body Gift Set — with cleansing and hydrating products made with olive oil and aloe — and Organic Cotton Wipes With Water, composed of 99.8% natural ingredients.

      If you’re at a loss for how to create a registry, check out our registry checklist to help you get started.

      Is It OK To Throw A Baby Shower For A Second Or Third Child?

      A baby shower is a celebration of life. By that definition, then, should you only celebrate the firstborn child? Of course not. Two, three, five — celebrate them all like they’re the first.

      But don’t assume the second shower has to be exactly like the first one. Maybe the second or third time around, you plan an intimate brunch with only the girls. The parents-to-be most likely have everything they need anyway, so just go and have fun at this baby sprinkle.

      Remember, a baby shower is about two things: gifts and conversations. Even if you aren’t “showering” the guests of honor with gifts like you did during the first party, enjoying each other’s company is still an important part of celebrating their new bundle of joy.

      friends laughing at a baby shower

      Now that we’ve covered a few baby shower guidelines, it’s time to get to the fun part: baby shower ideas! So, to help you plan the best get-together possible, here are 55 ideas for an in-person baby shower.

      If you’re planning a virtual baby shower, we’ve got tips and ideas for you, too! Keep scrolling down. Enjoy!

      Baby Shower Ideas: Locations And Activities

      In all honesty, a baby shower can be whatever the mommy-to-be and her friends find enjoyable. But don’t forget to take into account the baby on the way and what the mommy can and cannot safely do. Use the baby shower ideas below to get your creativity flowing.

      1) Go Co-Ed

      Baby showers are traditionally ladies only, but you can mix things up by inviting daddy’s friends, too. If you choose to go this route, consider things like:

      • Neutral decorations
      • A variety of foods that everyone will enjoy
      • Drinks (both liquor and beer)
      • Games (partner games are best)

      With the right planning, a co-ed baby shower can be a fun departure from the norm.

      2) Think Outside The House

      If the weather is right, take the party outside. Fire up the grill and plan some outdoor-only games, like a water-balloon toss or frisbee golf course.

      If grilling out isn’t your thing, you can set up a large tent and have the party catered. Going the catering route can keep the event sophisticated but fun.

      3) Host A Couples’ Buffet

      Looking for a super simple way to throw a baby shower? Invite everyone to a buffet. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, a buffet takes all the hassle out of preparing food for 20 (or more).

      Reserve a large room in the back, and the restaurant may even allow you to decorate to your heart’s content...as long as you clean it up afterward.

      4) Throw A Just-For-Mom Shower

      If this is mom’s second, third, or fourth baby, maybe she doesn’t need baby items or she might just want to buy the few things she needs herself. In that case, throw a just-for-mom shower, focusing on gifts for her!

      After all, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting take a toll on a woman (and her body). Every mom deserves some extra TLC!

      Tell guests the plan for the shower and ask them to bring a gift for the lady of the hour. These could be for her to use now (like maternity pajamas or Soothing Moisturizing Balm) or later (like a gift certificate for house-cleaning services or Nursing Comfort Balm).

      The gifts can also be either practical or pampering. Here are some more ideas:

      • A candle and a book for a relaxing night in
      • Maternity pajamas to stay cozy
      • A restaurant gift card for a pre-baby date night
      • Stretch Marks Set to care for her skin
      • Home-cooked freezer meals for an easy, no-stress dinner
      • A recipe book (homemade baby food, anyone?)
      • Compression socks to get her through pregnancy

          5) Pamper The Mom-To-Be

          Pampering a mom-to-be at a baby shower

          Speaking of focusing the baby shower on the mom-to-be, how about this for a baby shower:

          • Thirty-minute massage
          • Manicure
          • Pedicure
          • Facial

          Ah! Sounds relaxing. Gather the girls and head out for a day at the salon, where everyone gets the full beauty treatment. When you’re all relaxed and rejuvenated, head over to your favorite dessert shop for sweets and gifts.

          6) Pick A Theme For The Gifts

          Mustela products

          Instead of choosing a theme that dictates decorations and dress, why not shake things up and pick a theme for the gifts? Our favorites are diapers and skincare. Guests can bring gifts that fall under this theme. Things like:

          Other themes we love include books (every guest brings a book for the new baby), clothes, and pajamas. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your theme, or assign a different theme to two or three of the guests.

          7) Throw A Tea Party

          Remember the tea parties you held when you were a child? Now you can do one for real. Specify in the invitation what you’ll be doing and what the guests should wear. Then, bring out the china, tea sandwiches, and pretty teapots and teacups!

          And if a tea party sounds like a great baby shower idea but the thought of planning one makes you nervous, have it catered. All you have to do is show up in your best tea dress and enjoy the festivities.

          8) Break Out The Crafts

          For a twist on typical baby shower activities and games, why not do arts and crafts? It’s a fun way to spend time together, and the end products can function as gifts for the mom-to-be!

          Here’s one idea: Pass out fabric paints and plain white onesies, and tell everyone to get creative. For an added twist, have the mom-to-be pick her top three designs and pass out prizes accordingly. If you’re feeling adventurous, try tie-dying the onesies instead of painting them!

          Other baby shower craft ideas include painting baby hangers (no more boring hangers!), creating headbands and bows for the baby girl, and decorating letters to hang in the baby’s nursery.

          9) Play The Right Games

          The right games can make or break a baby shower. Here are three of our favorite ideas:

          • Have each guest bring a baby picture and guess who’s who.
          • Link up baby names with their celebrity parents.
          • Write down baby traits (e.g., eyes, IQ, temperament, hair color, etc.) and then have the pregnant parent write down whether she wants the baby to get those traits from her or the dad.

              10) Make It A Girls’ Night Out

              Invite the mommy-to-be’s closest girlfriends, get all dolled up in your little black dress and high heels, and head out for a night on the town. If dressing up isn’t your thing, hit a country western bar for some good ol’ dancing fun.

              Or maybe dinner at a fancy restaurant is more your speed. That’s fine, too. No matter which venue you choose, the goal is for the guest of honor to have an enjoyable, relaxing evening with her best friends.

              11) Have A Brunch Shower

              Brunch baby shower idea

              Brunch — that time between breakfast and lunch — is a more relaxed, easygoing time of the day. This is what makes it an ideal time for a baby shower! Make little breakfast treats or casseroles for an easy menu.

              Transfer the recipes onto notecards to pass out as keepsakes from the shower. Then, open up the windows and let the natural breeze and sun in. It’ll make the perfect setting for a baby shower!

              12) Make It Kid-Friendly

              Typically, you don’t see kids at baby showers, at least not the older kids. But this is the perfect opportunity for the sibling(s)-to-be to welcome their new brother or sister. Of course, they’ll be anticipating the arrival of the new little one as well.

              With this type of shower, there’s no pressure to have every little detail in place. Leave the stress of decorating behind you and just make it festive!

              13) Offer Words Of Wisdom For The Mom-To-Be

              Who doesn’t love an encouraging word? Especially for the first-time mom, getting advice and gaining wisdom from those closest to her that have walked this road before will be a priceless gift.

              It’s really up to you how you want to incorporate this idea into the baby shower, but here are two you can start with:

              • Book Of Wisdom — Pass around a notebook at the baby shower. Have everyone write a note of encouragement or give some words of advice for the mom-to-be. Tell her not to open it or read it until she’s in labor...or after delivery. This will give her something else to look forward to.
              • Basket Of Wisdom — Another idea is to fill a basket with items just for mom. These could be things solely for her or things that symbolize what you’ve grown to rely on and love during motherhood. Or you could simply fill the basket with baby essentials.

                  14) Request Books Instead Of Cards

                  woman reading a book for baby shower ideas

                  Let’s face it, most cards end up in the trash. So, instead of a card, request that guests write a note in the front of a book welcoming the new baby! In the end, they’ll only spend a little more money on a book than they would on a card.

                  Additionally, a baby shower is a great time to stock the new little one’s book collection. Make sure you specify on the invitation to please bring a book in lieu of a card. The book will be used for years to come, and it won’t end up in the trash!

                  15) Create A Storytelling Recording

                  For friends and family members who don’t live near the expecting parents, making a storytelling recording is the way to go! For this gift, all you would do is record yourself reading a story.

                  Include the book and the recording in the package and put it in the mail.

                  Not only will the new little one have it at birth, but it will last for years. The baby will know your voice even if you’re not around all the time.

                  16) Ask Guests For Their Signature

                  Instead of a regular guest book (which, let’s be honest, the new parents may never open again) ask guests to sign something that they’ll use — or look at — every day.

                  That might be:

                  • The first page of a book to read to the baby
                  • A picture frame
                  • A decorative globe
                  • A wooden letter (consider the first letter of the baby’s name or their initials)
                  • A special nursery decoration where guests can leave their fingerprint and signature

                  If you want more than just guests’ signatures, ask them to write well-wishes for the baby, too. This will make for a meaningful nursery decoration!

                  17) Write On Diapers

                  new born baby's diaper being changed

                  When you have a baby, it seems like there’s always a dirty diaper to deal with! Make those future diaper changes more interesting for mom and dad with this fun baby shower activity.

                  Provide guests with diapers (make sure they’re the brand the parents want to use on their baby’s delicate skin) and permanent markers. Then get to work writing encouraging or funny messages for mom and dad on the diapers. This will make them smile months down the road!

                  18) Serve Mocktails

                  Just because the pregnant mommy can’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t serve amazing drinks! Plan to make and serve mocktails or set up a mocktail bar where guests can make their own.

                  Supply all needed ingredients and fun add-ins as well as a few recipes guests can follow if they choose.

                  19) Pass Out Favors And Prizes

                  Favors and prizes make baby showers fun for all involved and are the perfect way to end the perfect celebration.

                  Looking for unique ideas for favors? Consider hair ties, succulents, a small kitchen tool (like a spatula or measuring spoons) in blue or pink, fancy tea, or personalized wine corks.

                  20) Set Up A Photo Booth

                  What better way to preserve some memories of this baby shower than with a photo booth? Pick an out-of-the-way spot at your location and decorate it with a backdrop that matches the party theme.

                  Gather a few props to include in the area. These can be anything from fake mustaches, glasses, hats, and signs to more baby-related props, like onesies and pacifiers.

                  Provide a camera or ask guests to bring their phones so they can take pictures of each other throughout the party. Then, invite everyone to share their photos on social media using a hashtag you've selected. It'll be a fun way to document this occasion.

                  21) Decorate Rocks

                   Rock painting for baby shower ideas

                  Personalized rocks make a great keepsake for both the parents and the baby. And it's a simple activity that your guests can complete anytime at the shower.

                  To use this activity, gather some small, smooth stones from your local craft store or beach. Then, set them out on a table with markers, paint pens, stickers, and other decorations so guests can design their own unique rocks.

                  The rocks can include a motivational message, an artistic scene, a cute animal, or anything else the party-goers decide to create.

                  22) Create A Baby Quilt

                  If the mom-to-be and her friends are quilters, it only makes sense to hold a quilting bee at the shower. Set up a station where all the guests can contribute to making a quilt for the baby. Provide fabric, batting, thread, and needles, and let everyone get creative.

                  Or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can give each guest their own quilting square and encourage them to create a signature block with unique features. You could also ask each person to bring a piece of fabric from their collection to turn into a square.

                  Then at the party, work as a team to lay out the quilt and sew it together. It'll be a one-of-a-kind present that'll last for years.

                  23) Host A Potluck

                  Who says the host needs to provide all of the food? A potluck can be an excellent opportunity for guests to share their favorite recipes. Ask your friends and family to bring along a dish you can enjoy together.

                  You can set a theme for the food (such as international, bite-size, finger foods, etc.) or let everyone bring whatever they'd like. Then, after you enjoy a nice meal together, get on with the other baby shower festivities.

                  24) Write New Nursery Rhymes

                  Ask your attendees to get creative and write a new nursery rhyme. Supply paper, pens, markers, and other craft supplies to ensure everyone has the necessary tools. You can also set out a basket of nursery rhyme books for inspiration.

                  Once the guests have completed their masterpieces, you can read them all aloud or hang them up around the party area as decorations. Of course, the parents will love reading these to their little one in the coming years.

                  25) Share Family Traditions

                  Every family has their own traditions. Encourage your guests to share their favorites by writing them on an index card. These can be holiday traditions, rituals, or any custom passed down through the generations.

                  Collect all the ideas and give them to the parents-to-be in a decorated box as a keepsake. Then, when they're thinking about the traditions they're going to start with their new bundle of joy, they can pull out the cards for inspiration.

                  26) Children’s Book Trivia

                  Before the party, read through some classic picture books for babies or toddlers, such as Goodnight Moon, or The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

                  As you read each one, think of a trivia question you could ask guests. For instance, you could ask: “What are three things the caterpillar ate in Eric Carle's tale of the hungry caterpillar?”

                  The answer could include any three foods from the book, such as strawberries, ice cream, or pickles.

                  Keep writing down questions from different books until you have a nice variety. Then, break your guests into teams and quiz them on their knowledge of these beloved children’s books. The team with the most correct answers wins a prize!

                  27) Set Up An Espresso Stand

                  Does the mom-to-be love coffee? Celebrate her new arrival with an espresso bar. Set up an area for guests to make their own fancy drinks and decorate the room with a coffee-themed motif.

                  Serve classic bakery items, like mini donuts or cupcakes decorated with coffee beans, and espresso-infused treats, like tiramisu or affogato.

                  28) Have A Baby-Que

                  Instead of a more traditional baby shower, host a baby-que and grill up some delicious barbecue.

                  Hamburgers and hot dogs are good choices for food. And you can have guests bring their favorite side dishes or desserts to share. For entertainment, play outdoor games, like cornhole or horseshoes, instead of classic baby shower games.

                  29) Try A Blessingway

                  Inspired by Navajo ceremonies celebrating the rite of passage into motherhood, blessingways are a unique way to honor the new mom. Recruit some shower guests to be “blessingway sisters” and help set up for the event.

                  Assemble gifts for the mom-to-be that represent each guest's wish for her on her journey into motherhood. These could be pieces of advice, handmade items, or any other token that represents their best wishes for the mother.

                  At the party, ask experienced moms to share their birth stories to help the new mom prepare for what lies ahead. And before everyone leaves, have guests pray over the guest of honor, asking for blessings for the upcoming birth.

                  30) Watch A Baby-Themed Movie Together

                   A Baby-Themed Movie Together

                  Pregnancy can be stressful, so help the mom-to-be relax with a low-key movie night baby shower. Choose a movie with a baby theme and turn it into an extra special event with themed snacks, a popcorn bar, and baby-friendly mocktails.

                  Popular picks like The Pacifier, Juno, or Nine Months will give you plenty of laughs and conversation starters for the evening. Make sure everyone gets comfy with cozy blankets and pillows, and don't forget to have plenty of tissues on hand!

                  The mom-to-be will appreciate the chance to just kick back and enjoy a movie night before her little one arrives.

                  Baby Shower Ideas: Simple Decorations

                  Decorating for a baby shower doesn't have to be complicated. Here are a few simple ideas to try.

                  31) Balloons

                   Baby Shower Ideas: Simple Decorations

                  Since the expectant mama is ready to pop, balloons are a must. Use white and pastel colors to create a soft, elegant feel. You can also add metallic or holographic balloons for some extra sparkle.

                  Place the balloons around your venue in clusters of different sizes and shapes to create an eye-catching display.

                  32) Baby Clothes Garland

                  Hang up a clothesline around the room and use clothespins to attach new onesies, baby booties, and bibs. At the end of the party, bless the mom-to-be with all of the clothes for their little one.

                  33) Baby Blocks

                  For an easy, fun decoration, arrange baby blocks on tables or around doorways. You can also use blocks to create a memorable photo opportunity or a backdrop for your gift table.

                  34) String Lights

                  Bring the party to life with some magical string lights. Hang up strands of lights around the room and in windows, doorways, and archways for a stunning effect.

                  Baby Shower Ideas: Themes

                  Creating a baby shower around a theme is an excellent way to help bring everything together. From invites to decor and favors, the right theme can help make the special occasion memorable for both the mom-to-be and her loved ones.

                  If you're not sure which theme will work best, here are some ideas for girls, boys, and unisex baby showers. You’ll also find some seasonal favorites.

                  Baby Shower Themes For Girls

                  35) Wonder Woman

                  Wonder Woman (the movie) came out in 2017, and ever since its release, Wonder Woman costumes have been popular for women of all ages.

                  Wonder Woman represents many ideals, including female strength, using your own abilities and powers, and determining your own destiny.

                  If your mom-to-be is expecting a little girl, this could be the perfect theme for their shower. And, thanks to the film's success, finding decorations and party favor materials is easy.

                  36) Unicorn

                   Themed baby shower ideas with unicorn cupcakes

                  Unicorns are a part of many fairy tales, and combining this theme with a special day, such as a baby shower, only makes sense.

                  For invites, a unicorn baby shower is an ideal opportunity to create a fun visual with rainbow hues. In addition, you can let family and friends know that "a special day is on the way" and include all of the baby shower specifics in the invitation wording.

                  For decor, decorate the venue in pastel purples, greens, and pinks with bursts of gold tossed in.

                  These colors also work well in floral arrangements inspired by fairytales. Bunch up paper pom poms and put a golden horn in the middle to make DIY unicorn head centerpieces.

                  Colorful cakes and pastries will double as delicious snacks and attractive decorations to match the baby shower ideas.

                  37) Sugar And Spice

                  The old phrase, "Sugar and Spice and everything nice," isn't just a cute saying. It's also the perfect theme for those looking to have a simple yet elegant event.

                  Pick pastel colors, such as pinks, blues, yellows, and greens, for decorations. Be sure to include plenty of ribbons, tulle, and tissue paper to complete the sweet look.

                  The food can also match the theme with yummy treats, such as cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and even decorated cakes to fit any budget. Consider having some gingerbread or spice cake to bring a hint of spice to the party.

                  Finally, as a special touch, make sugar and spice jars for guests to take home filled with their favorite spices, like cinnamon, clove, and allspice. This will be an extra special reminder of the day for everyone who attends.

                  38) Boho Chic

                  This is a popular theme for baby showers, and it's easy to understand why. With its earthy colors and bohemian flair, this style provides the perfect backdrop for celebrating a new life.

                  A Boho Chic baby shower could feature decorations like macramé wall hangings, lanterns, dream catchers, and other bohemian-inspired decor.

                  For food, serve up some organic snacks, such as fruit skewers or a veggie platter, with an array of dips. Drinks could be anything from herbal tea to smoothies. Just make sure they come in colorful glasses.

                  Finally, add a special touch with homemade favors like organic soaps, essential oils, and small succulents. Your guests will love the thoughtfulness behind these gifts.

                  Baby Shower Themes For Boys

                  39) Nautical

                   Friends at a baby shower

                  The nautical theme is a great way to tell everyone that the mom-to-be is expecting a little boy. Invite friends and family to join in on a "trip to meet the new crew member."

                  Whether you choose to stick with the conventional blue and white pattern or a cutout made to appear like a little sailor's uniform, it'll be irresistibly cute and set the tone for the rest of the day.

                  For decor, the predominant colors for the day will be blue and white with bright pops of red.

                  When your visitors arrive, welcome them on board and ask them to write a beautiful note to the baby and place it in a bottle on the table. Place fishing nets on top of tables, then scatter a few sailor caps around the room.

                  White floral centerpieces in navy blue vases can give any table a nautical feel.

                  For favors (when your ship has docked and your crew is ready to depart), hand out chocolate sea salt bags to show them how special they made the day.

                  40) Cowboy

                  One of the best baby shower ideas is a rustic yet playful cowboy party, which makes for beautiful photos and also lends itself perfectly to entertaining decorations and props.

                  Whether the parents enjoy western films or country music, there is plenty of charming cowboy-themed baby shower decor to choose from. Hay, hats, boots, and a country soundtrack can all help set the mood.

                  For the invites, you can announce to your visitors that "a tiny cowboy is on his way." There are so many ways to convey the details for your party, whether you choose an invitation with a natural wood feel, a classic handkerchief pattern, or a traditional rustic aesthetic.

                  For the decor, think about choosing decorations that will "transport" your guests to the Wild West. For example, to make it feel like you're on a ranch, start by placing a few bales of hay in the front of the room and using toys like rocking horses or stick horses.

                  You can also recycle your cowboy hats, boots, and bandanas by digging through your Halloween costume bin. To direct guests to their tables, use sheriff badges as place cards and replace standard napkins with red handkerchiefs for each table.

                  41) Mustache

                  Themes for baby showers don’t have to be formal. You can have fun with a mustache baby shower for a more modern twist! It makes for a fun-filled party with lots of photo opportunities.

                  This simple but amusing baby boy shower theme is sure to be a big hit with your party-goers. Make personalized invitations with fun phrases, such as "I Mustache You to Join Us" or "There's a Little Man on His Way!"

                  For decor, you'll want a bright, vibrant color to contrast the black mustache props, designs, and decorations used throughout the shower.

                  In addition, place a sign on the refreshments table that reads "Wet Your Whiskers" and another at the gift area that says "Stache Presents Here." You can also fill blue vases and mason jars with white flowers and a few mustaches on sticks to complete the look.

                  Wrapping each table setting with a mustache napkin ring is also a wonderful touch. Finally, splurge on goofy mustache balloons as a finishing touch to bring the baby shower theme to life.

                  For favors, set up a dessert table with a variety of sweets and let guests fill a box with a mustache handle as a parting present.

                  Baby Shower Unisex Themes

                  If the parents have decided to keep their baby's gender to themselves or they're more into gender-neutral trends, then a unisex theme may be the best option.

                  Here are a few of our favorites.

                  42) All-White

                   Friends showering a pregnant mother with love

                  White is associated with goodness, innocence, and purity — all of which are qualities that a baby possesses. Honoring the mother-to-be and baby with a white-themed shower can be an elegant affair.

                  It's also easy. For example, white balloons and streamers can be used to decorate a living room or dining area. You can also request that guests bring their gifts wrapped in white. Complete the concept by using serving dishes made of glass and white porcelain.

                  A towering white layer cake and a candy bar are all that's required as a centerpiece, where guests may snack on delicacies and then bundle their favorites in swatches of white tulle or muslin to take home as favors.

                  43) Safari

                  Monkeys, elephants, tigers, giraffes, jungle-esque plants, and a lot of green or gold decor set the scene for an unforgettable wild safari baby shower.

                  For invites, you can encourage your guests to join you on an "incredible adventure" and then top that with invitations that have a border of wild vegetation and jungle creatures.

                  For decor, it should be pretty easy to come across jungle-inspired decorations from your local party store. You can also personalize the menus and favors along with the primary colors of the day, which should include lots of green and gold.

                  Grab some throw pillows in green and gold and put them in nooks and crannies, which will help create an airy, outdoorsy atmosphere to bring your safari theme to life.

                  44) Winnie-The-Pooh

                  Incorporating aspects from classic children's books into baby showers is a popular trend. Winnie-the-Pooh is especially lovely, with plenty of adorable characters to include.

                  Childhood favorites inspire some of the best baby shower themes. To create a nostalgic atmosphere, use text and graphics that are influenced by classic illustrations.

                  For invites, you can ask guests to join you on a trip to see Pooh Bear and his companions.

                  For decor, Pooh's enthusiasm can be brought to life with vivid yellows and reds. Make honey holders from vases, jugs, and pots. And to give the area a whimsical feel, scatter red balloons around the room.

                  You can also decorate the space with plush animals or toy figures of Pooh and his friends.

                  When it comes to desserts, keep things simple. Opt for a naked cake or pound cake and glazed donuts galore instead of over-the-top creations. To make them stand out, add small embellishments, like red berries or miniature bees.

                  For favors, hand out miniature jars of honey with love.

                  45) Donuts And Diapers

                  This is a sweet and fun theme that is bound to be unforgettable. Use colorful donut-inspired items, such as balloons, streamers, tablecloths, banners, and confetti for decor. Hanging honeycomb garland in pastel shades adds extra sweetness to the space.

                  For the food, serve all sorts of donuts, pastries, and cakes. You could even let guests decorate their own donuts as a fun activity. For favors, hand out festive gift bags filled with donuts, coffee gift cards, and a cute mug.

                  To incorporate the "and diapers" part of the theme, ask your guests to bring diapers with their gift. You could also create a cute diaper cake for the mom-to-be to enjoy.

                  46) The Journey Begins

                  The parents-to-be are celebrating the start of a new journey, welcoming a new baby into the world. To create this unique atmosphere, start with invites featuring images of carriages, hot air balloons, or ships setting out on a voyage.

                  Choose warm colors to add an air of exploration and adventure for decorations. And hang a large world map on the wall so guests can trace their own journey to the shower or even plan where they'll take the baby in the future.

                  For food and drinks, use items inspired by travel, like tiny suitcases filled with mini cupcakes or an array of foods from around the world.

                  Baby Shower Themes: Seasonal Favorites

                  47) Some Bunny Is Having A Baby

                  This theme is an adorable way to celebrate a new arrival in the springtime! It’s all about little bunnies and flowers, with cute decorations and activities, like Pin The Tail On The Bunny.

                  For food, think delicious carrot cake, bunny-shaped sugar cookies, and fun springtime snacks, like deviled eggs.

                  48) Garden Party

                  Gardens and springtime go together like peanut butter and jelly. For this theme, decorate the venue with various flowering plants and greenery. Other decorations can include birdhouses, butterflies, flowers, and bugs.

                  Serve garden-inspired dishes, such as vegetable quiches or salads. And don’t forget to include fun pink and green desserts, like cupcakes with flower toppers.

                  49) Baby Luau

                  What better way to welcome a new baby than with a luau? Get creative with decorations in bright colors and with tropical touches. Serve up some delicious Hawaiian treats, like poke bowls, sweet and sour ribs, and pineapple upside-down cakes.

                  Activities like a hula hoop contest or limbo will bring out the island spirit. Don’t forget to give out leis as party favors.

                  50) Under the Sea

                  This is a splashy celebration for any baby born during the summer months. Decorate your shower venue with ocean-inspired decorations, like life-size fish, seashells, and jellyfish.

                  For food ideas, serve a variety of seafood dishes or beachy snacks, such as conch fritters and shrimp cocktails. You can also dish up fun desserts like blue jello with gummy fish in it.

                  51) Apple Picking Baby Shower

                  This is the perfect way to celebrate a fall baby! Decorate the venue with apples and other seasonal foliage, such as pumpkins or hay bales. Then, keep guests entertained by having them pick the best apple from a basket or a donut-on-a-string game.

                  For food, make sure to include delicious apple pies or other treats, like cider donuts and caramel apples. You could also serve up savory dishes, such as warm apple cheddar soup in mini bread bowls.

                  52) Bonfire For Baby

                  Everyone loves the warmth of a bonfire on a chilly fall evening. And it's a fun way to welcome a new baby! Set out plenty of chairs for everyone, and decorate the space with cozy blankets, string lights, and logs.

                  Think of warm dishes, like chili or s'mores, when planning your menu. And serve drinks like hot apple cider and spiced pumpkin lattes that are perfect for a chilly night outdoors.

                  You could also play music around the campfire and have guests share stories they remember from childhood while roasting marshmallows.

                  53) A Little Pumpkin

                  This classic autumn theme celebrates a new baby with all things pumpkin. Decorate the shower venue with mini pumpkins and colorful fall leaves. Other decorations could include hay bales, scarecrows, and corn stalks.

                  Pumpkin-inspired food ideas are endless, from spiced cupcakes to mini pumpkin pies. You could also serve savory dishes like stuffed pumpkin caps or creamy pumpkin soup. For your drink, make your own version of the beloved pumpkin spice latte.

                  Set out a wooden pumpkin for your guests to sign. It'll be a fun memento from the party for the parents-to-be.

                  54) Let It Snow

                  A winter-inspired baby shower theme is perfect for any baby born during the colder months. Decorate the space with snowflakes, poinsettias, and festive greenery. You could also add a cozy touch by utilizing an available fireplace or putting up Christmas trees.

                  For food, prepare hot comfort dishes, like macaroni and cheese or winter vegetable soup. And have fun desserts, like snowman cupcakes or chocolate-covered pretzel sticks. If it's cold outside, warm your guests up with cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream on top.

                  55) All I Want For Christmas Is A Baby

                  Is the new little one due near Christmas? Embrace the holidays with a Christmas-themed baby shower. Since this time of year tends to be a bit hectic, keep things simple.

                  Decorate a special tree with baby-themed ornaments and ribbons. Then, set out a few poinsettias and string up some lights.

                  At the party, ask your guests to write a note to the baby on an ornament. They can also guess how many mini candy canes it would take to fill a baby bottle.

                  Virtual Baby Shower Tips And Tricks

                  pregnant couple having a virtual baby shower

                  Virtual baby showers aren’t exactly the norm for most people. But they’re a great option for friends and family separated by miles or for groups that don’t want to gather for health reasons.

                  And, as we mentioned earlier, these online parties can still be a raging success and make the mother-to-be feel loved, celebrated, and ready for her little one!

                  Keep reading for a few of our favorite virtual baby shower ideas and tips for pulling it all together.

                  Send Invitations

                  Just as with any baby shower, one of the first things you’ll need to do is send invitations. Since paperless invites are becoming more and more popular and you’re having a virtual shower anyway, you may choose to send invitations via email.

                  That said, don’t hesitate to send paper invites if you prefer! Your event might be online, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego all other typical shower traditions. Plus, everyone still loves getting snail mail, right?


                  Decorating is another baby shower tradition that doesn’t necessarily have to go by the wayside for virtual showers. It just looks a bit different.

                  Once you decide where the guest of honor will sit for the shower, get creative with balloons, wall decorations, banners, and the rest.

                  If you’re really embracing the virtual nature of the baby shower, skip the decorations and use a Zoom background

                  Play Games

                  Pregnant mom on computer searching for virtual baby shower ideas

                  Get guests involved and make it a fun time with a couple of games! Here are a few of our favorite ones that can be played on a video call.

                  Name The Song

                  In this game, the shower host plays a kids’ song or lullaby without telling everyone what it’s called. The first person to “ring in” and correctly say the name of the song gets a point.

                  Guests can participate by typing the answer in the chat or virtually raising their hand.

                  Guess The Price

                  Just like one of our favorite game shows, this shower game has to do with knowing your stuff when it comes to the value of typical baby items.

                  Before the shower, the host should gather a few baby items and calculate the combined value.
                  Then, during the shower, the host shows everyone the baby gear, and guests must guess the price of everything combined. The closest guess wins!

                  Who’s Who

                  To prepare for this game, you need to ask each guest to send you one of their baby photos ahead of time. To play, the host shows everyone a photo, and guests decide which baby photo belongs to which adult.


                  Playing charades is always good for a laugh and doing it online is no different. To play, guests can think of their own baby-related action to act out, or you can plan ahead for the game and include different charades in each invitation.

                  Open Gifts

                  There are a few different ways to open (or not open!) gifts during a virtual baby shower.

                  First, you can have guests send their gifts to the expectant mom ahead of time. Then, during the shower, she’ll open all the goodies for everyone to see.

                  If you go this route, think carefully when picking a date for the shower and sending invitations. Allow enough time for guests to buy a gift and put it in the mail.

                  Another option is to reverse the roles and have guests “open” or show their gifts during the shower. Simply ask guests to keep their gifts until the shower, when they will show them to the mom-to-be and then mail it to her after the fact.

                  Lastly, not opening gifts is also a possibility! You can skip the ritual, but don’t skip writing meaningful thank-you notes to everyone who sends a gift.

                  Take A Photo

                  Pregnant woman taking a screenshot of everyone at virtual baby shower

                  Don’t forget to take a photo to commemorate your time with friends and family. One advantage of virtual showers is that snapping a group photo is easier than ever. Have everyone smile, and a screenshot will do the trick!

                  Make it even more fun by asking guests to come prepared with their own props for the photo op.

                  Make It Special

                  Most importantly, make the virtual baby shower special for the pregnant mama.

                  If she loves words and wisdom, ask guests to give words of encouragement or share their wisdom and experience.

                  Foodies might not be able to share snacks with their guests, but the mom-to-be can still enjoy a treat with those who are in her home. Indulge in cute cupcakes or her pregnancy craving for the special occasion.

                  If she’s especially put off by the idea of a virtual shower, why not change it up and try a drive-through shower in her driveway for guests who live in town?

                  Don’t be afraid to get creative and be flexible!

                  Show Your Love For The Expecting Mother

                  Friends celebrating at a baby shower

                  At the end of the day, a baby shower is one more way to show your support for your friend and her new little one on the way!

                  No matter who you invite, where you host the shower, and what you do during the shower, make sure the mom-to-be feels loved and cared for with a fun party and gifts like Mustela’s stretch marks products just for moms!

                  Pregnancy is a special time for parents-to-be. Celebrate the soon-to-be mommy by choosing one or all of these unique baby shower ideas as a starting point for the baby bash. Use what works for you and throw the rest away. We’ll even let you take all the credit!

                  Happy party planning!