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Being pregnant is no easy task — but it isn’t always hard work either! Sometimes, you get to have fun too, like when you go on a babymoon or have your baby shower.

In this post, the baby experts at Mustela will help you prepare for your special party by sharing 55 ideas for fun baby shower games, including some virtual ones to keep you, your family, and your growing bundle of joy safe for the celebration!

To help you find the perfect game, we’ve split up all of the ideas into the following categories:

Let’s dive in!

opening gifts after playing baby shower games

55 Fun Baby Shower Games

Guessing Baby Shower Games

1) Who’s That Baby?

This baby shower game is an excellent icebreaker, which is super helpful if your baby shower will have guests who haven’t met before.

Ask every attendee to bring a baby photo of themselves to the baby shower. Then, place the photos on a table or tape them to a wall. Have everyone try to match the baby photos with the correct guest.

2) What’s Her Age Again?

Collect about 10 photos of the expecting mom prior to the baby shower. Post them all for everyone to see, with a number next to each photo. Guests must try to guess the mom’s age in each of the old photographs.

3) The Mama Or The Papa?

While you’re going through old family photo albums, grab about a half-dozen photos of family members of both the expecting parents.

Put all of the photos on a table or a bulletin board, and have everyone guess whether the person in each photo is a relative of the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be.

4) Baby Trivia

This game is endlessly customizable! There are so many different things you could make the subject of this trivia.

If your baby shower guests know each other pretty well, a great option is to make the trivia subject them! Before the shower, they can submit a fact about something related to them and babies.

This could be anything, really: a funny encounter they had with a baby once, something entertaining they did when they were a baby that their parents still tell stories about, or, if your childhood friend is attending, something they did with you when you were both very young.

Ask your guests to submit their facts a few days before the shower so you have enough time to make a simple trivia deck on Powerpoint. All you need to do is write the fact and four or five multiple-choice options with some of your guests’ names.

Your other guests will need to choose one of the multiple-choice options — whoever they think the fact is about!

Save all the correct answers for the end. This way your guests don’t use the process of elimination. At the very end of trivia, you can go back through the trivia deck and reveal the right answers.

Plus, this gives your guests a chance to explain the funny stories behind their baby facts. Whoever earns the most points wins!

This game is a lot of fun in-person but is just as easy to play virtually!

5) Price Is Right

Bring a series of gifts for the mom-to-be, and have guests try to guess the value without going over. But winners only get bragging rights! The gifts, of course, are for the woman who’s expecting.

Since the expecting mom keeps the gifts, choose items she can start using right away, such as Multi-purpose Balm with 3 Avocado Extracts or Stretch Marks Oil to nourish and protect her skin, along with other products to pamper herself at home.

Click here to read more about stretch marks.

 Mom using baby shower gift on her belly

6) Animal Babies

Make a list of animals and the names of their young. For example, a tadpole that hasn’t yet grown legs is called a polliwog, and a young pig is called a shoat. Kangaroo and opossum babies are joeys, porcupine babies are porcupettes, and an infant platypus is called a puggle.

Have your guests work in teams to guess the names of 10 or 15 different animal babies.

7) Most Popular Baby Names

Each year, a list of the most popular baby names is released. Choose a few different years (go way back to the 70s or 80s if you want!) and see if your attendees can guess the top 10 most popular baby names for each year.

8) Celebrity Babies

Print out photos of the babies of celebrities and see who can guess the parents correctly.

To make this game easier, print photos of the celebrity parents, too, and ask guests to match the parents with their baby. For a harder version, print a long list of possible celebrities for guests to choose from.

9) Before They Were Famous

Find photos of celebrities from their childhood (they’re out there, trust us). Display the photos and have your baby shower guests try to figure out which stars are in them!

10) Guess The Baby Item

 Diaper bag with baby items laid out on ground

For this game, you’ll need to fill a bag — preferably a diaper bag — with useful baby items, such as diapers, wipes, a bib, pacifier, rattle, and Diaper Rash Sprayable Cream, all of which are inexpensive. Give each guest a pen and a piece of paper.

Pass the bag to each guest and have them feel around inside of it without looking. They will guess as many baby items as they can and write down their answers. Once everyone has their list of baby items, name all the items placed in the bag.

Whoever has the most correct answers wins. And of course, the mom-to-be gets the diaper bag filled with goodies!

Include high-quality and natural baby items she’ll love, like SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen for babies, Multi-purpose Balm, and Diaper Cream with Olive Oil and Aloe Vera.

For expecting parents who want organic options, check out our Certified Organic line here.

11) Guess Mom-To-Be’s Measurements

 Partner applying stretch marks cream on pregnant belly

While most don’t like their measurements taken, especially in front of people, this is a little different. The guests will guess the measurement of mom’s belly circumference by using a piece of yarn.

Start by passing around a ball of yarn. Have each guest cut the yarn to the size they estimate will fit perfectly around the expecting mom’s belly. After each guest has a piece of yarn, they will take turns going up to mom and wrapping it around her.

Whoever is the closest wins. The mom-to-be can save the piece of yarn for a memory!

12) Word Scramble

Create a list of scrambled baby words, print one for each guest, and provide a pen. What do we mean by scrambled baby words? Check out these examples:

  • Lelsotrr (Stroller)
  • Bbi (Bib)
  • Piews (Wipes)
  • Chupci (Hiccup)
  • Waldsed (Swaddle)
  • Stemint (Mittens)

Set a timer or see who can unscramble all of the words first. For bigger parties or more interaction, put guests in pairs for this activity. Two heads are, of course, better than one!

Funny Baby Shower Games

13) Embarrassing Baby Stories

Here’s another great way to break the ice at the beginning of your baby shower. Each person must tell one funny or embarrassing childhood story. It’s a simple game but one that’s sure to get some laughs!

14) Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

 baby drinking a bottle

Prepare one full baby bottle for each person at your baby shower. Fill the bottles with water, juice, milk, or iced tea. Set a timer and see how much of the liquid each person can drink in one minute.

15) Poop Inspector

Melt 10 different candy bars in small, microwave-safe bowls. Place them all out on a table and have guests guess what type of candy bar each bowl contains.

16) Baby Drawings

Pass around a sturdy paper plate and marker to each guest. Instruct them to draw a picture of a baby, and whoever has the best drawing wins. But there’s a catch: They have to draw a baby with the paper plate placed on top of their head. This one should get interesting!

17) Mommy And Daddy Questionnaire

 Pregnant mom and dad holding hands

This is such a fun game if you’ve chosen a co-ed baby shower! Ask the mom- and dad-to-be 10 to 20 questions, making sure the significant other is in another room when asking either one the questions. Some questions you could ask include:

  • Where were you when you found out you were expecting?
  • What was your reaction when you found out the exciting news?
  • What would you want your little one to be when they grow up?
  • What are you most excited about when it comes to welcoming your baby?

After the parents-to-be have both been questioned separately and the answers have been recorded, bring them together. Give both mom and dad a piece of paper or a board and marker to record their answers.

When you ask the questions, each parent has to answer in regard to what their partner is thinking. They will reveal their answers at the same time.

It’s a fun game to watch and learn about the parents-to-be, and we’re sure they’ll get a good laugh out of it!

18) Read The Emojis

Print a sheet for each guest with words or sentences (related to babies) represented in emojis. A quick online search will offer plenty of options if you don’t feel like coming up with the emoji combinations yourself.

The guests’ job is to figure out the word or phrase that’s written in emoji. They can jot their answers down on the sheet of paper, and the emoji-fluent guest with the most right answers wins.

Active Baby Shower Games

19) Baby Shower Charades

Girls playing baby shower games

Turn this classic family game into a special baby shower game! All you need to do is choose baby-related words and phrases.

You can pick simple phrases like “dirty diaper” and “breastfeeding,” or you can make things more difficult by choosing baby idioms (e.g. “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” “smooth as a baby’s bottom,” etc.).

20) Don’t Let Your Water (Balloon) Break!

Fill up a big bucket of water balloons. Create a starting line and a finish line. Place a bucket or large bowl for each person along the finish line.

Guests must hold the water balloons between their knees and waddle to the finish line, then drop the full water balloon into the bucket. If the water balloon bursts, they must go back to the starting line and begin again.

21) Big-Belly Twister

Have everyone place a blown-up balloon underneath their shirt on their tummy. Then, play a game of Twister! Anyone whose balloon pops is out.

22) Relay Race

Get some exercise by holding a relay race for you and your guests to compete in. Events might include changing a diaper, filling a baby bottle with formula, and giving a babydoll a bath.

23) Bob For Pacis

An active game that’s perfect for outdoor baby showers, bobbing for pacis is sure to be a hit. Just be sure that guests come prepared!

You’ll need a bowl for each participant that’s filled with water and a few pacifiers. On “go,” all the players try to remove the pacis from the bowl using only their mouths. Whoever gets all of them out first wins.

24) Pin The Paci

A baby-themed variant of pin the tail on the donkey, this game works with any crowd. Enlarge an image of a baby’s face and print it out along with several photos (one for each guest) of pacifiers sized to fit the baby’s face.

With the face taped on the wall, give each guest a paper pacifier with double-stick tape on the back. One at a time, each guest will be blindfolded and have a go at pinning the paci on the baby as close to the mouth as possible!

25) Balloon Bellies

Split guests into teams of two or more people and provide each participant with a balloon. Each person on the team must blow up their own balloon, put it under their shirt, and then pop their balloon by bumping bellies with their teammates.

With the right crowd, this is a hilarious baby shower game that gets guests up and moving.

Games To Play Throughout The Party

26) You Can’t Say That!

At the beginning of your baby shower, choose a word that everyone will be forbidden from saying. The word “baby” is a good (but very difficult) option, but feel free to choose any baby-related word.

Anyone who gets caught using the forbidden word is out. The last person to use the word (or not!) is the winner.

This game is simple but effective, and it can be done at in-person showers or virtually!

27) The Baby Bucket List

Either before or during your baby shower, decorate a small bucket or box. Ask each guest to write down something that they hope will happen to/for the soon-to-arrive baby in their lifetime.

28) Baby Pool

Have each person try to guess the exact date and time of birth of the baby that’s on the way.

You can provide small slips of paper for every guest to write their name and prediction on. Or, you might want to make it more visual by providing a calendar of the month of the little one’s due date and having guests write their names on the day of their prediction.

If you want to make things interesting, let each person throw one dollar into an envelope along with their prediction. Whoever is closest to the real date and time of birth wins the cash!

29) A Message On A Diaper

Provide a big box of diapers and several permanent markers. Have guests decorate the backs of the diapers with funny or inspirational messages. But don’t let the mom-to-be see them yet! Put them in a bag for her to be surprised after the baby arrives.

30) Baby Shower Photos

 Pregnant friends taking pictures and playing baby shower games

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! You can use a camera or your phone, but it might be more fun to buy plenty of disposable cameras for guests to use. That way, the photos will remain a mystery until the film is developed!

31) Ice Baby Breaker

This is literally an ice-breaker game! The night before the shower, put tiny plastic babies into an ice cube tray and fill with water. You may need to fill more than one ice tray. When the guests arrive, have them pick one piece of ice and place it in their drink.

The objective is to yell out, “I have a baby!” when your tiny baby has fully separated and melted from the ice cube. Whoever has their baby first wins the game.

32) “Yes” Or “No”

This is a baby shower twist on the “Who am I?” party game. For this game, you’ll write baby items on notecards and safety pin a notecard on the back of each guest when they arrive.

While guests are milling around, they’ll ask yes or no questions to figure out which baby item is on their card.

33) Find The Pacis

Before the party starts, hide several (or many!) pacifiers around the room. When guests arrive, let them know that they’ll be on a pacifier hunt throughout the party. Whoever has found the most by the end of the shower wins.

Hands-On Baby Shower Games

34) Design-O-Baby

This game requires a little bit of preparation beforehand. Your guests can grab any Play-Doh or modeling clay for this game. If they don’t have any handy, a simple salt dough made of water, flour, salt, and (optional) food coloring will do the trick!

Set a timer for 20 or so minutes — depends on how artistic your guests are! They’ll be tasked to design what they think your bundle of joy will look like on their first birthday.

Food coloring can be helpful if they opted to make salt dough so they can tint the baby’s hair, eyes, skin, and clothes! Hilarity is sure to ensue as your guests reveal their baby masterpieces.

If your guests enjoy this sort of game, you can change the format to suit your virtual baby shower best. For example, read out riddles and tell your guests to make the answer out of their dough.

Whoever creates the answer the fastest (while still making it recognizable) wins!

35) Cupcake Decorating Contest

 Cupcakes for a baby shower game

Provide each guest with a plain cupcake and all the decorating supplies they could dream of — icings in various colors, candies, pastry bags with tips, sprinkles, and all the rest.

Have everyone decorate their cupcake and let the parent-to-be be the judge of this contest. After the winner has been announced, guests can eat their yummy creations.

36) Blindfolded Diaper Changing

Gather a couple of babydolls and a pack of diapers. Put the diapers on the baby dolls. If you’re really feeling saucy, you can add a spoonful of Nutella to the diaper before putting it on the baby doll.

Next, blindfold several of your guests (one for each babydoll). Now, have them race to remove the dirty diaper, wipe the babydoll clean, and put a new diaper on. Whoever finishes first is the winner!

37) Blindfolded Spoon-Feeding

While your guests are still in pairs, have one person put on a blindfold. Now, give each blindfolded person a small jar of baby food and a spoon. They must spoon-feed all of the food to their partner. Be ready to get messy!

38) Baby Food Connoisseur

While half of your guests are blindfolded, have them try a spoonful of 10 different baby foods to see if they can guess the flavors. These might not be the foods you’re craving, but it’s hilarious to watch people’s reactions.

39) Block Scramble

This is a hands-on version of a word scramble game. Divide guests into pairs or small teams and provide each group with several sets of baby blocks (pre-chosen by you). Each set will spell a baby-related word.

See which team can unscramble all of the words first.

 Blocks for baby shower game

40) Design Baby Clothing

Buy several white baby onesies or bibs (best if they’re bought used or are received as hand-me-downs) and markers made for drawing on cloth.

Give one garment to each guest and let them go crazy! Each person can decorate and design the article of baby clothing however they wish.

If you’re doing a virtual shower and your guests don’t live too far away, you can drop off the materials at their house. If they live too far but you really want your little one to wear these keepsakes, consider sending guests a gift card so they can purchase the materials themselves.

During the virtual baby shower, your guests can decorate and chat. At the end, they can present their beautiful works of art and mail their work to you later.

Those onesies are sure to give you all the nostalgic (and grateful) feels during those middle-of-the-night feedings!

While many baby shower games and activities can be adapted for online festivities, here are several that are perfect for virtual baby showers.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

couple playing virtual baby shower game

41) Baby Shower Pictionary

The idea here is the same as with baby shower charades. Simply choose baby-related phrases and have your guests try to draw that phrase while other people guess what it is.

There are tons of free, online Pictionary options as well, which means this game is perfect for a virtual baby shower! Instead of having your guests draw in person, they can draw directly onto their devices.

Or, if they’re better with paper and pen, they can hold up their drawings to the camera as soon as they’re finished in order to get the point.

42) Baby Bingo

There are tons of printable baby Bingo cards online for free, so this option is perfect for an easy, quick game with your virtual guests!

Start Bingo at the beginning of the shower so your guests can mark off the things on their Bingo card as the shower goes along. The first one to get baby Bingo wins!

43) Name That Tune

This game is great for trivia lovers. Plus, the best part is that it’s an easy, safe, and fun option for mothers-to-be who prefer a virtual baby shower.

Before the shower, create a playlist of all the greatest baby hits. Any nursery rhymes, lullabies, or popular songs that use the word “baby” in the lyrics or title (we’re looking at you, Justin Bieber!).

Ask all of your guests to mute themselves at the beginning of each round. Then play a small snippet of the song for your guests, maybe five seconds.

The first person to shout out the answer or type it in the chatroom wins a point!

44) Virtual Price Is Right

Price Is Right is fun in person and easy to make virtual, too! As the host, all you have to do is gather a series of gifts for the expecting parent and hold the items up (one at a time) to your camera like an old-school car model.

Guests will try to guess the price of the gift without going over.

Have fun with your presentation –– you can get goofy and play charades with each item, too, while you wait for your guests to answer.

45) Virtual Celebrity Babies

The Celebrity Babies game is also super easy to adapt to a virtual baby shower. Simply throw some photos of celebrity babies onto a Powerpoint slide, and you’re golden!

Guests will take a look at the photo and try to guess the parents correctly.

46) Virtual Cupcake Decorating Contest

Before the shower, drop off a pre-made cupcake along with icing to your local guests’ doors. If you have out-of-town guests, be sure to include on the invitation that they will need cupcake supplies.

Let them decorate to their heart’s desire! The best part is that even if you can’t taste them, you get to judge how they look.

If you’re having a themed baby shower, you could encourage your guests to make a cupcake that epitomizes the theme — get creative! The more fun your guests have with this, the more amazing the cupcakes will turn out.

Plus, guests have an incentive: They get to eat their creation!

47) “Baby” Songs

Put your guests into teams of two or three people. Give everyone three minutes to list as many songs with the word “baby” or “babe” in the title. The team with the most songs at the end of the three minutes wins!

Meaningful Baby Shower Games

 Women opening baby shower gifts with friends

48) Mama Knows Best!

Have any mothers in the room share three pieces of advice for the expecting mom. This moment can be as meaningful or as goofy as you choose to make it.

49) Love Letters

Have each guest write one short letter to the mom-to-be. It can be full of jokes, well-wishes, encouragement for the hard days, or simple expressions of love and friendship.

The expecting mom can read them when she wants to relieve stress or simply to put a smile on her face.

Baby Shower Games For Men

50) Stroller Relay (Blindfolded)

Set up an obstacle course outside, and provide an umbrella stroller with a baby doll strapped inside. Have the guys partner up and decide which one gets to be blindfolded and which one is the guide.

To play, the guide holds onto the shoulders of the blindfolded partner and gives them directions to navigate the obstacle course while the blindfolded partner pushes the stroller. The goal is to be the fastest team and keep the doll strapped in and in one piece!

For added fun, you can make the stakes higher by taking away points for knocking over items along the course.

51) Dirty Diaper Hoops

For another fun and active game, pour some lemonade, melted chocolate, and Nutella into a diaper. Let it sit out in the sun all afternoon to get nice and ripe, and then wrap it into a ball like you would any dirty diaper, using the tabs to hold it together.

Make several of these, and have the men use them to shoot hoops in the driveway. Keep score and give a prize at the end.

52) Dad Names

The guys will need to come up with 10 dad names for new or existing sports teams, 10 dad names for new or existing television shows, 10 dad names for new or existing bands, and 10 dad names for new or existing movies.

Her are some funny examples:

  • Sports Teams: The Hoosier Daddies, The Los Angeles Dadgers, The San Diego Padres
  • Television Shows: The Dad-chelor, The Walking Dad, My Three Sons, Dad 70’s Show, Father Knows Best
  • Dad Band Names: Dad To The Bone, Dad Moon Rising, You Give Love A Dad Name, The Grateful Dad, Nick Cave and the Dad Seeds
  • Movie Names: Big Daddy, and The Good, the Dad, and the Ugly

53) Tower Building

Give all the guys a blindfold and a bag of baby blocks. Each blindfolded builder must build a tower that stands on its own from all the blocks. See who can build their tower the fastest!

54) Sock And Mitten Champ

Buy lots of baby socks and mitten pairs. Unwrap and mix them up so none of the pairs are together and place them in a laundry basket.

Have the first contestant start with the basket in front of them. The goal is to see who’s fastest at dumping the basket and matching all the pairs. And when you’re done, send the matched pairs home with the dad-to-be.

55) Break The Ice

Freeze a pacifier in a solo cup full of water for each guest. Place each cup on a long table and provide tools, like a blowtorch or heat gun, an icepick or rock, and a kettle full of hot water.

See who can get their pacifier out of the ice quickest by using any of the tools or by bashing the cup against the ground or table.

Now Have Fun!

 baby shower games being played

So there you have it! With these fabulous baby shower games, you and your loved ones are sure to have an unforgettable time.

And these games help outfit the expecting mom with supplies like the Newborn Arrival Gift Set for herself and Bebe on the Go so her little one has everything they need for both travel and home.

In such strange times, we know it’s important now more than ever to feel supported and connected to your family and friends. We hope these baby shower games help put a smile on your face and some warmth in your heart — whether your shower is in-person or virtual!

Now that planning your baby shower is out of the way, all you have to do is pack your hospital bag and wait for the big day to arrive!