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Your little one is a bundle of joy, but even the most perfect of babies get cranky every now and then. At some point or another, all parents need to know how to calm a fussy baby!

In this article, we’ll give you 10 tips to soothe your little one. But the first step in calming a fussy baby is to make sure all of their basic needs are met. So before we get to anything else, we’ll list a few questions to ask yourself when your baby is fussy.

Questions To Ask When Your Baby Is Fussy

Is My Baby Hungry?

When your baby is fussing, the first question to ask yourself is whether or not they might be hungry. If they are, the remedy is as simple as a bottle or a breastfeeding session.

That being said, breastfeeding is not always comfortable for you as the mom. If you find yourself with sore or cracked nipples, take care of your skin with Mustela’s Nursing Comfort Balm.

This soothing and restorative nipple cream moisturizes and protects your nipples, eases discomfort, and helps to replenish and restore skin during and after breastfeeding.

Is My Baby Tired?

Mom learning how to calm a fussy baby

Tired babies are cranky babies! Try to always put your baby to sleep before they get overtired and fussy.

Is My Baby Hot Or Cold?

You want your baby to be like Goldilocks — not too hot and not too cold, but just right!

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises to “dress your baby in about the same ­layers of clothing that you are wearing to be comfortable.”

Touch your baby’s skin (their back, tummy, or the back of their neck) to see if they seem too hot or too cold.

Is My Baby Scared?

Simply feeling scared or overstimulated can make your baby cry and fuss. If that’s the case, comfort them and do what you can to make their surroundings peaceful.

Does My Baby Have A Dirty Diaper?

baby wearing a diaper with diaper rash cream

A wet or dirty diaper is easy to check for and has a simple solution!

Change your baby’s diaper frequently to keep them happy and to help avoid diaper rash. When you put a fresh diaper on, protect your baby’s delicate skin with Mustela’s Diaper Rash Cream 1 2 3.

This fragrance-free cream is made with zinc oxide and avocado perseose to prevent diaper rash and relieve irritation at every diaper change.

Is My Baby Sick?

If you think your baby may be sick, take their temperature. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises calling the doctor right away if your infant is under two months and has a fever.

And, of course, if you think your little one might be under the weather, it never hurts to take them to the pediatrician just to be sure.

Does My Baby Have A Food Sensitivity?

Whether your baby is exclusively breastfed or they’re already snacking on baby food, a food sensitivity could make them uncomfortable.

If you suspect that a food sensitivity might be the issue, talk to your doctor about how to approach it. Breastfeeding moms can change their own diet, while bottle-fed babies might need to try a different formula.

Is My Baby Bored?

Your baby may fuss simply because they’re bored! Spend time with your precious little one, talk and sing to them, or bring them their favorite toys.

Talk To Your Pediatrician

You know your little one best and you should trust your instinct. If you can’t seem to calm your fussy baby and you think something is afoot, don’t hesitate to contact the pediatrician.

Before you go for an appointment, keep track of your baby’s crying patterns — what time of day they cry as well as when they are awake, sleeping, eating, and crying.

How To Calm A Fussy Baby: 10 Tips

Dad holding baby while learning how to calm a fussy baby

If you’ve answered the questions above and taken care of your little one’s basic needs but they’re still cranky, remember that sometimes babies fuss for no apparent reason. And you need all the tips and tricks to calm your fussy baby!

That’s what we’ll cover now.

1) Cuddle Your Baby

Your baby often finds comfort in simply being held and cared for by you! Cuddle them, rock them, and talk to them. Being held close can help to calm your baby.

2) Swaddle Your Baby

Once your baby learns how to roll over, swaddling should stop, but until then, it can be a good way to soothe your little one! Swaddling calms their startle reflex, prevents them from scratching themselves, and can help calm them.

Always swaddle your baby in a light blanket, and ask your pediatrician for tips if you’re not sure how to do it.

3) Give Your Baby A Bath

parent giving a baby a bath in the sink

If your baby doesn’t like taking a bath, this tip is not for you!

However, some babies love to be in the water and play in the tub. Giving them a bath can be a good way to distract your little one from whatever is bothering them.

For even more distraction, add skin-soothing fun to their bath time with Mustela’s Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath!

This bubble bath formula is biodegradable and contains no parabens, phthalates, or phenoxyethanol. Foaming bubbles make bath time therapeutic and fun while protecting and hydrating your baby’s delicate skin.

4) Put Your Baby In A Carrier, Wrap, Or Sling

Standing and bouncing up and down while holding your little one can sometimes do the trick to calm a fussy baby.

But it may be easier on you if you put your baby in a carrier, wrap, or sling. That way, you’re hands-free and can move around the house, plus your baby will feel safe and secure when wrapped up next to your body!

5) Make Shushing Sounds Or Turn On White Noise

The American Academy of Pediatrics notes, “Sounds that remind babies of being inside the womb may be calming, such as a white noise device, the humming sound of a fan, or the recording of a heartbeat.”

Try your hand at shushing noises or turn on the white noise machine, even if you aren’t putting your baby down to sleep.

6) Give Your Baby A Pacifier

baby with a pacifier next to mustela products

Putting your baby to sleep with a pacifier is actually part of safe sleep recommendations, but offering a pacifier can also help to calm a fussy baby. The sucking motion is soothing for many little ones!

7) Don’t Feed Your Baby Too Much

Just as hunger can make your baby cranky (understandably!), so can too much food.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting “at least two to two and a half hours from the beginning of one feeding to the next.”

8) Give Your Baby A Massage

Ideally, you should give your baby a massage when they’re awake, alert, already calm, and happy. However, your soothing touch could help them calm down, too.

To learn how to give different types of baby massages, read our article here. And when you start massaging, use Mustela’s Baby Oil to moisturize your baby’s skin and help stimulate their senses.

This hypoallergenic oil is composed of 99% plant-based ingredients and enriched with an elixir of pomegranate seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and avocado oil. Only the best for your precious bundle of joy!

9) Take A Stroll

baby in stroller

Getting a breath of fresh air can work wonders both for you and your fussy baby! Go outside and take your baby for a stroll.

Being outside may be enough to distract your little one and stop their fussing, plus the motion of the stroller can be calming.

10) Give Yourself A Break

Caring for a fussy baby can be quite frustrating for you as the parent, especially when nothing you do seems to calm them down.

If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated, take a break so that you can come back and care for your baby when you are calmer. Staying calm yourself is key to calming your little one!

Put your baby in a safe place (like their crib) or give them to a trusted caregiver, then take a few minutes to yourself. If you’ve left your baby alone in their crib, go back to them soon.

Simply giving yourself a 10-minute respite to take a deep breath can be exactly what you need.

Stay Calm, One And All!

Mom holding her baby after learning how to calm a fussy baby

Babies get cranky sometimes. There’s no way around it. Knowing a few tips and tricks for how to calm a fussy baby is key!

Run through the list of questions at the beginning of this article to make sure your baby is not hungry, hot, cold, sick, or anything in-between. Then turn to our list of 10 tips for calming your baby.

Cuddle them, put them in the bath with Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath, wrap them in a swaddle or carry them in a sling, massage them with Baby Oil, and remember to give yourself a break when needed. When you’re calm, you’ll have a better chance of soothing your little one.

Stay calm, one and all!