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Have you planned to spend your holidays at the beach during your pregnancy? An excellent way to relax… Get our advice on making the most of your time at the beach with your big round tummy!

Sun, blue sea, warm sand… An idyllic image that sends us all daydreaming – whether we are pregnant or not! But when there is a baby growing in your tummy, the beach has disadvantages as well. You are more prone to heat stroke if you are not properly hydrated and more sensitive to sunburn and pregnancy mask in the sun. Follow our advice so you can enjoy your beach vacation with complete peace of mind!

Be cautious in the sun!

First and foremost, you should protect yourself from the sun: when you are pregnant, your skin is more sensitive to UV rays. If you don't protect yourself, you may develop a pregnancy mask – an area of hyperpigmentation on your face, or a pregnancy line – a dark brown vertical line on your tummy. If you've recently developed stretch marks, they may irreversibly darken in the sun. So sunscreen is crucial! Apply a thick layer of SPF 50 sunscreen, and reapply it every couple of hours, especially when swimming or sweating. Remember to wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection. And avoid the beach at the hottest times of the day. There are fewer people on the beach and the heat is less intense in the morning before midday and in the afternoon after 4 PM. Make the most of it!

Protect your back!

Lying on your back on a towel is not the most comfortable position when you're very pregnant – particularly if your tummy is already very big. To relax in total comfort, simply lie on your side, as you would in bed. That way, your rounded back won't cause you so much pain. You can also bring a little cushion along to make you more comfortable. Or even a deckchair or a beach chair. You may find it easier to be half sitting down. Whatever position you adopt, make sure you move about regularly so you don't get cramp or numbness.

Light legs and the beach

The combination of high temperatures and lying down are not ideal if you have circulatory problems. If you suffer from heavy legs or varicose veins, it might be better to avoid spending hours in direct sunlight! Sit under a parasol, raise your feet and keep drinking so as to avoid heatstroke. You can also walk along the beach through fresh water up to your knees. This will stimulate your circulation and relieve the pressure on your calf muscles. Or you can enjoy a good old backstroke session in the water: that way, you'll definitely relieve your lumbar vertebrae!