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Your baby has very sensitive skin

1 in 3 children have very sensitive skin (1). Very sensitive skin is reactive and reddens easily, often in response to environmental conditions such as heat, cold air and hard water. This skin type is also prone to discomfort such as tightness and tingling.

Mustela's researchers have discovered that:

  • The skin barrier, which is essential for protecting the skin from external stress factors, is not fully developed until the age of 2.
  • A baby's skin is unable to maintain proper hydration levels, which are essential to optimal skin cell functioning.
  • A baby's skin contains a reserve of stem cells, which are at their maximum strength at birth and enable the skin to regenerate across an individual's lifetime. This collection of cells is most vulnerable from birth until age 2, which is when the skin barrier is still developing.

For these reasons, it is so important to moisturize and protect a baby's skin with products specifically designed for babies and newborns with very sensitive skin. Fragrance-free products with soothing textures hydrate the skin, keeping it feeling soft and comfortable.

Hydrating a baby's skin is so much more than just applying lotion. A skincare routine is an opportunity for parent-baby bonding and benefits both th parent and child. The latest scientific studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact instills a sense of safety and comfort and contributes to cognitive and neurosensory development.

  1. Epidemiological study conducted by Laboratoires Expanscience in 2007 on 8,100 babies and children in partnership with 399 pediatricians in France, Italy, Spain and Taiwan.
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