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If you’ve recently learned that you’re pregnant, congratulations! However, it probably feels like there are a million things to do right now. In times like these, using a detailed pregnancy checklist can be helpful. And one item on that list that you definitely shouldn’t forget is a babymoon!

What’s a babymoon, you ask? In this post, the baby experts at Mustela will answer all your questions, including:

  • What is a babymoon?
  • Is it safe to go on a babymoon?
  • What’s the best time to go on a babymoon?
  • How do you plan a babymoon?
  • What are the 5 most amazing babymoon ideas?

Let’s get started!

Couple on a babymoon

What Is A Babymoon?

The term “babymoon” was first coined by Sheila Kitzinger, a British pregnancy and childbirth expert. In her 1996 book The Year After Childbirth, Kitzinger recommended using the first few weeks after childbirth to bond with your baby.

A honeymoon is an intimate time right after a wedding, right? Well, the intention was similar for a babymoon. It was meant to be a period of special family bonding immediately after childbirth. Recently, however, the word babymoon has evolved from its original meaning.

In today’s day and age, a babymoon generally refers to a vacation that the expecting couple takes during the pregnancy. It’s a relaxing trip for the parents-to-be, before the arrival of the baby turns life upside down. A pregnancy can change a relationship, so taking the time for an intimate babymoon is crucial.

Is It Safe To Go On A Babymoon?

You’re probably wondering whether or not it’s safe to go on a babymoon. The answer is yes!

Just make sure you choose a safe travel destination and that you pick activities that won’t put your baby at risk.

There’s no need to worry about flying, either. With a normal pregnancy, it’s safe to fly until the 32nd week of gestation. You should always check with your doctor first, but flying is generally not dangerous for pregnant women. So even if you choose to go on a babymoon far from home, it’s still safe!

What’s The Best Time To Go On A Babymoon?

Most couples choose to go on their babymoon during the second trimester. There are a few reasons why this is the best time.

First, waiting for the initial 12 weeks to pass ensures that your pregnancy is normal and that your baby is healthy. This is always priority number one. In addition, morning sickness tends to be at its worst during the first trimester, so it’s not the best time for a babymoon.

What about the third trimester? Babymooning late in your pregnancy can be difficult because of your growing baby bump. It might make some activities, like hiking or cycling, less comfortable. Additionally, you might experience cramps, back pain, or aching legs during the third trimester. Itchy skin can also be an issue for women in their third trimester.

With all of that said, the ideal time to go on a babymoon is the time that works best for you and your partner. If you have other obligations during the second trimester that prevent you from taking a babymoon, late in the first trimester or early in the third trimester is also OK.

So basically, there are no set rules here! The best time to go on a babymoon is the time that’s easiest for you. After all, a babymoon is supposed to help you relieve stress during your pregnancy.

How Do You Plan A Babymoon?

Couple planning their babymoon

While babymoons are primarily for rest and relaxation, planning one isn’t guaranteed to be stress-free. Here are some things to think about while planning your babymoon.


This is the number one concern for most expecting couples. Preparing for a baby is already a financial stretch, so finding the money for a babymoon vacation isn’t easy.

But you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a fabulous babymoon! Many resorts now offer special packages specifically for expecting couples. It can also help to look into group buying websites. These sites often have getaway deals at huge discounts.

You might also consider having a staycation babymoon. A staycation is a vacation without the traveling! You can cut costs by staying at a nice hotel in your hometown and treating yourself to all the things you love—exquisite meals, serene spa treatments, and quality time with your partner.


The location of your home will play a huge role in where you plan to go on your babymoon. If you live in a rural area, taking a trip to the closest big city may seem like a great idea for a babymoon. If you’re based in a big city, you probably want to escape the hustle and bustle.

In addition, the place where you live will determine which destinations are practical for a babymoon. For example, if you live in South Florida, escaping to The Bahamas wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. For those based on the west coast, a week in Hawaii is a viable option.

As long as you and your partner have the chance to relax and unwind together, you’ll have an amazing babymoon!

Couple holding hands during a babymoon


The timing of your second trimester will help you plan your babymoon. If your second trimester is during the winter, for instance, a trip to the beach might not be the best choice. Similarly, there are some destinations that may be too hot and muggy to visit in the summer.

The amount of time you can spend on your babymoon will also help shape your plans. Taking extra time off of work isn’t always easy. You might only have a four-day weekend for your babymoon. This would make traveling to far-off destinations unrealistic. Figuring out how long you and your partner can travel for is an important step in the babymoon planning process.


What kinds of vacations do you and your partner enjoy? This is one of the most important things to consider when planning a babymoon.

If you and your partner are the outdoorsy types, you should go somewhere that allows you to do outdoor activities. Or perhaps you’re a huge foodie and all you want to do on your babymoon is eat. If so, pick a destination known for its thriving food scene. (We completely support that decision! Just try to avoid these foods and eat plenty of these.)

Whatever your passions may be, plan a babymoon that allows you and your partner to do the things you love.

What Are The 5 Most Amazing Babymoon Ideas?

You probably already have a thousand great ideas for your babymoon. But just in case you need some extra inspiration, here are 5 ideas for an amazing babymoon.

Escape To The Mountains

Few things in life are as relaxing as watching a gorgeous mountain sunset from the porch of a log cabin. A trip to the mountains can be especially nice in the fall, as the brilliant autumn colors find their way onto the treetops. Hiking through the forest by day and curling up next to the fireplace by night is a wonderful way to spend a babymoon.

Go To The Beach

Who doesn’t love listening to the soft sounds of the ocean while soaking up the sun? (Just make sure to follow these tips for sunbathing while pregnant.) Imagine lying next to your sweetie on the beach, with a virgin piña colada in one hand and your favorite book in the other. Sounds amazing, right? We thought so.

Man and woman on a beach babymoon

Take A Lake House Vacation

There’s something special about waking up to the silence and tranquility of a beautiful lake. Leaving all of your worries behind just seems a little easier.

Taking a lake house babymoon is perfect if you and your partner love the outdoors. Swimming, hiking, fishing, cycling, boating—lake house babymoons have it all.

Head To The Big City

Art, theater, museums, live music, world-class restaurants—if these are the things you’re interested in, you might want to have a big city babymoon! For some people, the excitement of the big city is far more appealing than the peace and quiet of the countryside. If exploring art and culture is your cup of tea, a big city is the destination for you.

Mom on a babymoon reading

Indulge In A Luxury Hotel Babymoon

Treat yourself! There’s nothing like being pampered with massages, facial treatments at the spa, and room service. If you’re looking to enter a state of deep relaxation during your babymoon, finding a nice hotel or resort is the way to go. You can also pamper your skin while you’re there with Mustela’s Stretch Marks Set or our Ultimate Hydration Bundle.

With so many fantastic babymoon options, you’re sure to find something that suits you and your partner’s tastes. Just follow the tips we’ve provided here and you’ll be on the perfect babymoon before you know it!

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