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Babies cry. There’s no question about it. When that happens, the real conundrum becomes how to make a baby stop crying.

Every baby is different and will prefer a different method. In fact, the method that works for them may even change from one crying episode to another. It just depends on the situation.

Confused? We’re here for you!

In this article, we discuss some of the best methods for how to make a baby stop crying so you can enjoy the silence once again.

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How To Make A Baby Stop Crying

Bath time is how to make a baby stop crying

1) Check For Physical Needs

One of the main reasons babies cry is because they’re uncomfortable in some way.

When trying to figure out how to make a baby stop crying, the first thing to do is check to see if there’s anything wrong physically. Here are some things to consider:

  • Are they hungry?
  • Are they thirsty?
  • Are they tired?
  • Do they have a dirty diaper?
  • Do they have a rash somewhere?

If you think your little one is hungry or thirsty, try giving them a bottle or breast. If they’re showing signs of being tired — yawning, rubbing their eyes, fussing — try putting them down for a nap.

If their diaper is dirty, put on a fresh one. If they have a rash on their bottom, apply a soothing product (like Diaper Rash Cream 1 2 3) to help reduce the symptoms.

Satisfying your little one’s physical needs will usually get them to stop crying. If it doesn’t, try another suggestion on this list.

2) Create A Calm Environment

Once you’ve taken care of your baby’s physical needs, turn your attention to the space around them and do your best to create a calm environment.

Not sure how to do that? Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Dim the lights
  • Play soft music
  • Minimize visual and auditory distractions (e.g., TV, pets, outside noise)
  • Raise or lower the temperature
  • Turn on a white noise machine
  • Wrap them in a soft blanket
  • Change their clothes

Making simple changes to your baby’s environment can go a long way toward calming them down and getting them to stop crying.

3) Swaddle Your Baby

Baby swaddling is how to make a baby stop crying

Babies should sleep without a blanket until they’re at least 12 months old, but there are plenty of other ways to keep them warm and comfy at night. Swaddling is one of them.

A swaddle is a special piece of bed clothing that you wrap around your baby in a specific way to replicate the feeling they had in the womb.

It may take a bit of practice to get right, but swaddling can be an effective way to help your baby stay comfortable throughout the night.

4) Rock Your Baby

Rocking is a classic way to soothe a crying baby. Parents have been using this technique for a long time because it works well to help calm a little one’s body and mind.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Wrap your baby in a soft blanket
  • Hold them in your arms
  • Gently rock right and left

Alternatively, you can sit in a rocking chair and move forward and back or stay standing and bounce up and down.

Find a rocking motion that works for your baby, and you’ll be better equipped to help them quiet down when they’re fussy.

5) Sing To Your Baby

The sound of your voice can be very soothing to your little one. Use that to your advantage when trying to figure out how to make a baby stop crying.

In a low, soothing voice, sing them a song or a lullaby. If you can’t think of a good song to sing, tell them a story or just talk to them.

Keep in mind that it’s not what you say or sing, it’s how you say it or sing it. Use a happy, child-friendly voice to help your little one calm down when they’re crying.

6) Go For A Walk

baby crying in a stroller

Going for a walk is another great addition to any list of how to make a baby stop crying.

Fresh air and a change of scenery can be very calming for your baby, so try putting them in a stroller or other infant carrier and taking a trip around the block.

If possible, choose a location that isn’t too noisy — a quiet neighborhood or park works well — and be sure to walk slowly so that your baby doesn’t feel rushed or stressed.

7) Give Your Little One A Massage

A gentle massage can help relax your baby's muscles and body to help them stop crying fast.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Apply a bit of cream or oil to your hand
  • Rub your hands together to warm them up
  • Gently stroke their body
  • Start at their head and work your way down

As you massage, pay attention to your baby's cues and stop if they seem uncomfortable.

For more on baby massage, check out this article from the Mustela blog: Baby Massage 101: How To Massage Your Baby.

8) Try A Pacifier

Babies get their food (and the comfort that comes with it) by sucking on a bottle or breast. Even if they’re not hungry, you can replicate that feeling by offering a pacifier.

As long as they’re not uncomfortable in some way, a pacifier can often help them stop crying almost immediately.

Additional Tips For Helping A Baby Stop Crying

baby getting its diaper changed

1) Combine Different Techniques

On many occasions, one of the methods for how to make a baby stop crying that we mentioned above will do the trick. Sometimes, though, you may need to combine different techniques to get your little one to quiet down.

For example, you might try rocking and singing to your baby. Or, you might try giving them a pacifier and massaging their arms and legs with Mustela’s Melting Massage Balm.

2) Be Consistent

Once you find a way to make your baby stop crying, try it again the next time around.

Being consistent in this way will help your little one learn to associate a particular activity with being soothed and make it easier for you to keep them happy and content.

3) Be Patient

When a baby really gets to crying, it can take a while for them to calm down enough to stop. That highlights the importance of being patient.

You may need to sing the same song several times — or sing three or four different songs — before your little one feels better. Stick with one technique for a few minutes before switching to another.

4) Stay Calm

When trying to figure out how to make a baby stop crying, it’s essential to stay calm.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths to relax. If you’re in a public place, find a bit of privacy and just let your baby wail (so you won’t be so worried about disturbing others).

Above all, never take your aggravation out on your baby. They’re probably just as frustrated as you are and can’t do anything about it.

5) Take A Break

If you can’t seem to calm down, don’t be afraid to take a break.

Try laying your little one back down in their crib while you get a drink of water. Or, while still holding them, flip through the channels on your TV or a nearby magazine.

After a few minutes, give them your full attention again and try a different method to get them to stop crying.

6) Contact Your Doctor

If nothing you do helps your baby quiet down and they cry continuously for an hour or longer, contact a doctor for help.

You’re Not Alone

Mom holding baby

If you’re struggling to figure out how to make a baby stop crying, remember you’re not alone. Every parent has been there at one time or another.

It may take some trial and error, but sooner or later, you’ll figure out what works best for your little one.

Maybe it’s a baby massage with our Baby Oil. Maybe it’s a walk around the neighborhood. Maybe it’s a bath with Foam Shampoo For Newborns and Gentle Cleansing Gel. Maybe it’s a combination of all three.

Whatever methods you try, stay calm and give your little one plenty of love and attention. With a bit of patience and creativity, you’ll be enjoying the silence again soon!