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How To Avoid Stretch Marks

Updated on June 13, 2024
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Stretch marks, a gift that comes with pregnancy, are not always appealing. Nowadays, their appearance can easily be prevented and even be practically invisible if they have managed to form.

stretch marks


Stretch marks appear as a result of weight gain and hormonal change. Which means that pregnancy is a time when they may occur. The stomach, hips, thighs and chest are clearly the areas most prone to this. Despite our skin having a degree of elasticity, when rapidly distended, its elastic and collagen fibers may end up breaking down.

This is all the more likely during these nine months that certain hormones (cortisol and estrogens) reduce the effectiveness of the fibroblasts, the cells that produce elastin and collagen, which are so important for the skin’s suppleness and strength. In short, if you don’t take care, you may see small marks appear. At first, they'll appear pink and slightly puffy, they will end up as white or pearlescent. However this is not inevitable!


Treat early and regularly: these are the key words when it comes to preventing stretch marks because once they have formed, they are more difficult to get rid of completely. Without becoming obsessed about it, cut out any visits to on the cake shop, which only result in needless weight gain. Every day, from the first month onwards, set some non-negotiable time aside to take care of your skin.

Hydration & exfoliation increases the skin’s elasticity. After showering, it is essential to moisturize the skin all over your body, which will immediately boost the tone of your skin. Once a week, use a product specially formulated for sensitive skin. The penetration of hydrating active ingredients will be optimized by the removal of impurities from the epidermis, and you’ll gain baby soft skin into the bargain.

Massage & add cream to combat the appearance of stretch marks, which is also necessary to help stimulate the skin’s regenerative capacity. This can be done with creams specifically created for use during pregnancy: bursting with 100% natural ingredients, these creams will immediately act on the production of the supporting fibers. All the more so if, instead of a quick rub on, you take the time to give yourself a real massage using circular movements.


After pregnancy, stretch marks might still form. As with all scarring, they will fade with time. But it’s good to do everything you can to ensure they fade as fast as possible.

Ultra-targeted treatment works by combining natural active ingredients, vitamins and trace elements. They contain everything necessary to reduce any stretch marks that have formed and make them fade. Apply them twice a day, preferably using a palpating rolling massage, the result can be astounding.

Go all out if necessary if the stretch marks are really troubling. Consider a more intensive treatment such as micro-dermabrasion (renews the layers of the epidermis) or laser treatment (reduces scarring). These can all produce very good results, but rarely completely remove already formed stretch marks.

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