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When you’re pregnant, putting together an outfit everyday can be a real challenge. Because your body is constantly changing, it’s hard to know which clothes are going to fit from one day to the next. To make things even more difficult, you may have no idea what’s going to look good on your new body.

It’s natural to feel stressed about the changes you’re facing, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear muumuus for the next nine months. Pregnancy fashion can be cute and comfy at the same time. We’re here to show you how that’s possible. We’ve created a list of 6 tips to help you relax and find the best maternity clothes for your body.

best maternity clothes

1. Invest In A Good Pair Of Maternity Jeans

Sooner or later, you’re going to outgrow your current jeans and the heavy-duty rubber band through the buttonhole isn’t going to cut it anymore. That’s when it’s time to buy a pair of maternity jeans. Buying a good pair of maternity jeans tops this list of tips for one simple reason: they’ll be the cornerstone of your pregnancy wardrobe. You can mix and match your maternity jeans with different tops to create a whole new look every day.

maternity jeans

Maternity jeans now come offer three different designs: an under-belly cut, a full-belly-panel cut, and a mid-belly cut. It will take some trial and error at the store to find the one that’s right for you. When you do find a fit you like, you can wear them almost every day until your baby is born. Yes, maternity jeans can be a bit expensive, but considering how much use you’ll get out of them, it’s well worth the cost.

2. Don’t Feel You Have To Hide Your Baby Bump

You may think the best maternity clothes should disguise the fact that you’re pregnant. Let’s put that notion away right not. There’s no reason to hide your baby bump. In fact, modern maternity clothes accentuate and flatter your developing belly. You’re pregnant, be proud of that fact.

baby bump

We suggest you avoid wearing regular clothes that are a few sizes too big. Sure, they may be comfortable, but there are so many other options these days. Instead of buying a non-maternity dress that’s one or two sizes bigger than usual, try a maternity dress that fits you everywhere and accentuates your midriff while still showing off your best assets.

3. Embrace Stripes & Color

Since we were young, we’ve heard the adage that you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes because it will make you look bigger. Then, when we get pregnant, we avoid stripes and patterns at all cost. But the old notion of avoiding stripes and patterns is just that, an old notion. Stripes can be used with great effect to flatter your pregnant body and make you look and feel good.

We suggest trying a blouse or a skirt with a simple stripe to accentuate your new curves. If patterns are more your thing, look for a print without a lot of negative space. The all-over design will distract the eye.

Similarly, don’t be afraid of color when you’re pregnant. Too many pregnant women dress in blacks and navys because they think it will make them look slimmer. Embrace your love of color and buy some vibrant maternity tops to wear with your awesome new maternity jeans. Even maternity skirts and full-length dresses look great in a splash of red or yellow.

4. Layer To Stay Comfortable

maternity clothing

Your body undergoes frequent changes when you’re pregnant. Chief amongst those changes is the tendency toward rapid body temperature changes. One minute you’re sweating like you’re in a sauna. The next minute you’re shivering like you’re outside in winter without a coat. You can prevent these drastic swings in temperature from getting the best of you by dressing in layers.

During the spring and summer months, we suggest a cute camisole and light maternity skirt with a sweater or wrap on the side in case your body temperature drops suddenly. During the fall and winter months, why not try a colorful tunic, comfy cardigan, and a pair of maternity jeans. If you get too warm, you can remove the cardigan and let your body cool through the breathable fabric of the tunic.

5. Avoid Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials like nylon and acrylic are not as breathable as natural materials like linen, silk, cotton, and wool. Because of their lack of breathability they can hold your body heat close to your skin. This can cause you to get overheated quicker than you would with breathable fabrics.

Additionally, synthetic materials can irritate sensitive pregnant skin and cause rashes and inflammation. We recommend examining the tags of all the garments you own, or plan on buying, to find the clothing with as little synthetic fabric as possible. Some synthetic blends are fine, but tops in particular will feel better if they’re made up of more than seventy-five percent natural materials.

6. Wear Clothes That Give & Stretch

pregnancy clothes

Clothes that are tight may look good when modeled in the mirror, but in the real world where you’re bending, moving, and reaching, they can become uncomfortable very quickly. Shirts and pants that are too tight can impede healthy circulation and lead to pain and swelling.

If you feel like your clothes are tight and restrictive, try switching them out for versions that contain a bit of elastic. This stretchy material can be blended with natural fibers like cotton to produce a garment that gives when required and doesn’t restrict your movements or your circulation.