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Effective and Safe formulas

effective and safe formulas

Each of our ingredients provides its own essential function to guarantee our product’s effectiveness, safety and pleasure of use. Here’s our recipe:

• Purified water of pharmaceutical quality
• Vegetable oils especially selected for their high content in specific fatty acids that are essential for skin. For example: avocado, sunflower, rosehip, jojoba or pomegranate oils.
• Active ingredients developed by Laboratoires Expanscience, which come from responsible plant farming industries committed to respecting people and the environment and controlled by the Union for Ethical Bio-commerce. Such as: Avocado perseose, present in almost all Mustela baby-child products, schisandra, which can be found in our products for very sensitive skin, sunflower oil distillate for atopy-prone skin, or maracuja extracts which can be found in our maternity range.
• Emulsifiers, to mix oils and water
• Consistency agents, to thicken our formulas. Vegetable waxes or butter for instance. Or a gelling agent: natural gums (xanthan). We can also use synthetic polymers with guaranteed quality and tolerance.
• Texturing ingredients for an ultra-soft touch such as vegetable glycerine, glyceryl oleate (derived from olive oil).
• Anti-oxidants, to preserve oils’ properties and that of the product: tocopherol, vitamin E for instance.
• A preservation system. We only use preservatives that are authorized by the Cosmebio label (Cosmos standard), such as sorbic acid or potassium sorbate. On the other hand, we never use the following preservatives: parabens, phenoxyethanol, triclosan or MIT / MCIT.
• And for our fragranced products: we use our Mustela Perfume without alcohol, with proven tolerance on babies, children and pregnant women.