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Social commitment

Alongside young parents for almost 70 years, we are committed to taking action to enable them to welcome and educate their children in the best possible conditions. We have therefore set up a partnership with the French  Red Cross  to introduce young parents to first aid in maternity. We also work with the Gift of Kind Agency to facilitate access to hygiene and baby care products for families in difficulty.

Initiations to first aid

Each year, 1 in 2 families is confronted with a domestic or everyday accident. Being trained to react in this type of situation can save a life: Mustela and the French Red Cross are therefore teaming up to initiate young parents into the first steps

newborn cpr
brother playing with newborn

Facilitate access to care for families in difficulty

Because precariousness is unfortunately gaining more and more homes in France, not all parents can have access to hygiene and care products for their baby. A situation that affects us and in which we commit ourselves with you! Partners