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Pregnancy is a journey like none other. The range of physical and emotional changes your body endures as it grows another human is remarkable. And now that you’re 6 months pregnant, it’s time to take note of all the incredible things taking place inside you.

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6 Months Pregnant: Your Baby

 baby during 6-months-pregnant

Your sixth month of pregnancy runs from weeks 23-27. By the time the month ends, you'll be entering your third (and final) trimester.

Let’s look at what your baby is doing this month.

Developmental Milestones

Inside your womb, your baby has been busy developing. They've already accomplished so much since their tiny start only six months ago. Now they’re:

  • Gaining the ability to recognize your voice
  • Developing unique fingerprints (and toe prints!)
  • Getting the hiccups (this feels weird!)
  • Opening their eyes for the first time
  • Recognizing the sound of your voice
  • Gaining fat
  • Kicking with more force
  • Learning to open and close their hands
  • Finishing lung formation, though they still need to develop before they're ready to work on their own

And the great news is that babies born prematurely during this month have a chance of living if given intensive care. Recent studies found that 78% of babies born between weeks 22 and 28 now survive.

While the best place for your little one is in your womb, know there is hope if you go into labor early.

Baby’s Size

When month 6 of your pregnancy is over, your baby should be about 12 inches long. By now, they’re starting to put on some fat and gaining weight faster. Most babies end this month in the 1 ½ to 2-pound range.

6 Months Pregnant: Physical And Emotional Symptoms

 6-months-pregnant mom with her first child

Your body has gone through so much to get this far. And while some days you may wish you could just fast-forward a few months, you’re almost to the finish line.

The good news is that month six is fairly straightforward as far as pregnancy goes. Most people are over their morning sickness by now and have more energy than in their early pregnancy days.

However, though it might be a bit of an easier month, your body and mind are still changing. Here are some of the physical and emotional symptoms you should expect this sixth month:

Physical Symptoms

Your sixth month of pregnancy brings a wide range of physical symptoms, including the ones below.

Your Skin

As your baby grows and your hormones fluctuate, you may notice changes in your skin, such as:

  • Dry, itchy skin: While you can experience this anywhere, it’s most common on your belly
  • Discoloration: You may notice darker spots on your face or a line running down your belly
  • Varicose veins: With more blood flowing through your veins, your vascular system is working overtime. Sometimes, there’s too much back-pressure, and your veins dilate a bit, making them look like thick, blue lines.
  • Stretchmarks: Your baby bump is getting bigger, stretching your skin even more.

Keeping your skin hydrated can help alleviate some of these symptoms. Use our Stretch Marks Oil or Stretch Marks Cream to deliver nourishing moisturizer straight to your belly. These products can relieve the itch and also help minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Braxton-Hicks Contractions

As your body begins gearing up for delivery, you may notice tightening in your belly. These practice contractions are called Braxton-Hicks and can be uncomfortable but usually aren’t painful.

They most often occur if you're dehydrated or have been too active. If you experience them, drink a glass of water and sit with your feet up for a bit. The tightening sensation should subside.

If it doesn't, try lying on your left side for a half-an-hour or so. If your Braxton-Hicks still don't let up or are getting more intense, it's worth a phone call to your doctor.


Struggling to find comfortable sleep positions can make it tough to get some zzzs. There are a few things you can do to promote better rest, like:

  • Avoiding caffeine 6 hours before bed
  • Limiting screen time one hour before going to sleep
  • Exercising for at least 20 minutes a day
  • Drinking chamomile tea
  • Getting up at the same time every morning.


Poop is almost a taboo topic, but pregnancy can bring problems in that department. You see, you are producing more hormones, and your growing baby is also taking up space where your digestive system usually works its magic.

If you’re having difficulty getting things moving, try increasing the fiber in your diet and drinking about eight glasses of water daily.

Also, consider adding some physical activity to your day. Walking is great for your heart, bones, and bowels.

Emotional Symptoms

 6-months-pregnant women applying stretch marks cream

Can you believe you’re already 6 months pregnant? Some days it feels like an eternity, and others, it’s like you blinked.

Your emotions may be all over the place as you adjust to your changing body and prepare for parenthood.

Pregnancy Brain

That foggy feeling? It’s totally normal and common during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones can cause a decrease in cognitive functioning, making it hard to remember details and stay focused.


Do you find yourself weeping during a commercial or getting super angry after something simple, like stubbing your toe?

Those feelings you're having? It’s OK. Your hormones fluctuate like crazy, making it difficult to regulate your mood. To help, you can try:

  • Getting adequate rest
  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Getting a massage
  • Doing meditation
  • Speaking with a therapist
  • Practicing mindfulness activities


With all the changes happening to your body and mind, stress is a common symptom. Make self-care an important part of your daily routine to reduce stress levels.

Take time for yourself, try yoga or meditation, and talk to your doctor about other strategies that can help.

6 Months Pregnant: Doctor Visits

 6 Months Pregnant: Doctor Visits

Soon, you’ll start seeing the doctor more often. But for now, you’re likely still on the once-a-month regimen.

Here are some things you can expect at your appointment:

Routine Practices

While your doctor may do things differently, here's a typical rundown of what you can expect at your six-month visit.

  • Weight check
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Fundal height measurement
  • Listening to the baby's heartbeat (the best part!)
  • Time for questions and answers
  • Information about the glucose tolerance test (see below)

Glucose Tolerance Test

Sometime between 24-28 weeks, you’ll be asked to take a glucose tolerance test. This measures the sugar level in your blood an hour after drinking an icky sweet drink.

The purpose of this test is to make sure you don’t have gestational diabetes. Getting the results back can be nerve-wracking, but it’s important for both your health and the baby’s health that you get tested.

Possible Ultrasound

Depending on your individual circumstances, your doctor may order an ultrasound. If you haven’t yet had the anatomy scan that’s usually done at week 20, you’ll want to get that scheduled before your baby is too big for accurate measurements.

Tips For A Successful 6th Month Of Pregnancy

Now that you know what to expect, let’s talk about how to make the most of this month. These proven tips can help you thrive when you’re 6 months pregnant.

  • Get rest. You’ll have a tiny newborn keeping you awake before you know it, so take advantage of every nap you can squeeze in.
  • Make time for yourself: Now more than ever, it’s important to take some time for yourself every day. Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour, do something you love.
  • Eat healthily: Eating nutritious meals is the best way to ensure your baby gets all the necessary nutrients. Your pregnancy diet should include fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains.
  • Keep your skin hydrated: Apply a thick, moisturizing cream, such as our Stretch Marks Cream, to your belly after each shower or bath to keep it soft and supple.
  • Start a registry: If you’re having a baby shower or a baby sprinkle, now’s the time to register so your guests know what you need.
  • Talk to your employer: Are you planning to take any maternity leave? If you are, now is a good time to start discussing it with your employer.

6 Down, 3 To Go

 6 months pregnant

Whew — you’re 6 months pregnant already! You’ve come so far and have just a few more months to go. Before you know it, you'll be holding your tiny bundle of joy in your arms instead of in your womb.

But for now, enjoy the sixth month of pregnancy and all the physical and mental changes that come with it. With a little self-care and a daily application of Stretch Marks Cream, you'll get through it and finish with a beautiful, healthy baby!