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More than 450 measurements and tests for guaranteed safety

mustela production

In order to guarantee the safety of our formulas, we have implemented a very demanding process which counts over 450 measurements and tests. Our products undergo a series of true obstacle courses - and no product is marketed without passing all these stages successfully.

Product safety tests
To ensure the preservation of our products, we assess their antimicrobial protection via a challenge test. This test checks how the product defends itself against microbes. We add microbes to the product and check how this contamination regresses over time.

Stability tests
We check that the product remains stable over time: its colour, smell or appearance should not change.
The product is placed in extreme thermal conditions thanks to climatic chambers. In some chambers, with temperatures ranging between 40°C to 50°C, our product undergoes accelerated aging. In other chambers, where temperatures change regularly between -10°C and 40°C, our product faces drastic variations. These tests ensure that our product remains of good quality when it travels around the world.

Safety and tolerance tests

• In vitro tests
A world first: our research teams have developed a reconstituted baby skin model: Stelaskin®. Thanks to this patented Stelaskin® technology, our teams are able to reproduce and test the effect of various skin stresses on baby and children’s different skin types, in order to assess our products’ performance and tolerance levels.

• In vivo tests
We also assess our products’ tolerance (absence of skin irritation and reaction) and the absence of skin sensitisation on 100 adults.

Clinical tests
Once safety is ensured, we test the product’s harmlessness and effectiveness under real conditions of use: on a panel of babies and children (including infants under a month old) or pregnant women, depending on the product. This procedure always takes place under the supervision of dermatologists and / or pediatricians.

Final validation by an independent expert
As a final step, all our results are handed to an independent toxicologist expert, outside laboratories, who then confirms that our products are safe.
A safety report is then drawn up and made available to the competent authorities at any time, in the event of an inspection. Without this document, our products cannot be put on the market.