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Your beautiful new baby bump gives you a great excuse to rummage through your closet and hit the mall to find your own personal pregnancy style. You don’t need to go on a total shopping spree though. If you know what you need, which we’re here to help with, you can easily figure out which pieces you already own will grow with your body and which pieces you will need to invest in. We’ve got you covered with ten essential items that you’ll need in your maternity wardrobe.

1. Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses will be your best friend throughout your pregnancy. They’re comfortable and airy, with enough room to accommodate your growing belly. If you already have drapey hippie dresses in your closet, now is the time to pull them out and put them front and center. They’ll be getting plenty of use over the next nine months. Hippie dresses are perfect for all three trimesters of your pregnancy.

2. Chic Sneakers

sneakers to wear while pregnant

Along with the expected weight gain comes more pressure on your feet and ankles. You will likely experience swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet. To combat this discomfort, wear supportive footwear. Comfortable shoes don’t have to be clunky or ugly though. Sneakers have become super trendy recently, which is great news for moms-to-be. If sporty isn’t your style, try a low profile tennis shoe, made of a lux material like leather or suede. Wear a pair of chic sneakers, and you’ll be both stylish and comfortable when you’re on your feet.

3. A Beautiful Jacket

Adding a structured jacket to an outfit can instantly pull your whole look together. It looks polished, but also effortless. If you’re feeling drab, throw on a beautiful jacket that you love. You’ll immediately look and feel a thousand times more put together. We love using jackets to balance silhouettes and tie separate pieces together. Try pairing a tailored blazer with a flowy dress or a plaid cocoon coat with black leggings.

4. Cute and Comfortable Flats

You’ll probably want to put away any stilettos or high heels for the next nine months. They just aren’t practical or comfortable for expectant mothers. While you may miss them, you can still opt for stylish shoes that don’t have a heel. Choose cute and supportive footwear like a pair of fashionable flats. We love simple ballet flats and leather loafers. They don’t have to be boring either! Try them in a color like red or a fun pattern like leopard print. You can still let your personal style shine through while you’re pregnant.

5. An Oversized Cardigan

sweaters to wear while pregnant

A slouchy, oversized cardigan is both cozy and stylish. Adding it to an outfit looks both effortless and chic. We love pairing a roomy cardigan with a form fitting t-shirt and jeans, or a dress. These combinations are perfect because the shapes balance each other out. An oversized cardigan doesn’t have to look lazy, as long as you know how to wear it and style it. So follow our guidelines and stick to pairing it with more tailored pieces.

6. Maternity Jeans

maternity jeans

You’ll probably be able to get away with wearing the jeans you already have for the first few months of your pregnancy. Once you start to really show, though, you’ll need to invest in a pair of maternity jeans. We love a stretchy, skinny or straight-legged pair in a dark wash. They’re super versatile and can be dressed up or down, worn out to dinner or to your doctor’s appointments. There’s no need to shell out for multiple pairs of maternity jeans. Get one pair you love and wear them a few times between washes.

7. A New Bathing Suit

bathing suits for expecting mothers

If you’re pregnant in the summertime or live in a hot climate, you’ll want to get a new bathing suit that fits your pregnant belly. Your old swimsuit probably won’t be able to stretch over your stomach once you hit the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. Choose a bathing suit that will be comfortable for your changing body and allows you to move freely and securely on the beach or swimming in the pool. Whether you prefer a one piece or a bikini, you can find a maternity bathing suit that fits your personal style.

8. A Drapey Blouse

Like your flowy, hippie dresses, drapey blouses are going to be a staple in your pregnancy style arsenal. You probably already have several drapey blouses in your closet, and they’re generous enough to grow with your changing body. These versatile shirts are perfect for pairing with a skirt for work or jeans for the weekend. You’ll be able to wear your drapey blouses throughout your pregnancy and even after you’ve had your baby.

9. A Stretchy Knit Dress

pregnancy knit wear

You don’t have to hide your baby bump! Many expecting mothers are excited to show off their belly, and a stretchy knit dress is a great way to do so. A form fitting dress is perfect for times when you want to feel a little more dressed up. Just because it’s snug, doesn’t mean the dress has to be uncomfortable. Choose a stretchy fabric that feels good against your skin but still complements the shape of your body.

10. Classic Accessories

Show off your personal style with your choice of accessories. A beautifully patterned silk scarf tied around your neck looks elegant and Parisian. A braided belt adds a boho touch to an outfit, while a structured leather tote adds a timeless, put together element. Raid your closet for old favorite accessories to mix and match with your new pregnancy style.