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Our commitments

We have a responsibility to our children & our planet

Just like parents, we are also responsible. Our activist approach to minimize the impact of our products on people and the environment and support actions to improve children's quality of life is longstanding. And today, our projects are equally ambitious.
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Our aim: to reach carbon neutrality (zero emissions) by 2030

In December 2019, during the UN Climate Change Conference, together with 500 other B Corp certified companies, we committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 - twenty years ahead of the 2050 date set by the Paris Agreement.

This means that we will transform our sourcing and manufacturing processes to be even closer to our customers and will function with a circular approach to the life of our products and their packaging.


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Responsible sourcing

By sourcing from responsible plant regions which are placed under the control of UEBT, our objective is to better control the traceability of our plant-based active ingredient; from farming or picking to processing and integrating them into our products. To do so, we work in partnership with all the involved players : farmers, local authorities, agronomists and so on.

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Natural and organic ingredients

Since the beginning, we've always chosen the best ingredients from the plant world, preferably organic, while also ensuring our products' safety by adhering to a stringent formulation charter.

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The fight against waste

We process avocados that should normally go to waste to create cosmetic active ingredients for our products. The entire avocado (including the pit) is transformed into oil and powder from which we obtain avocado Perseose® that can be found in our products.

Composition and production

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Green extraction processes

We use specific technologies that respect people and our planet: molecular distillation (a green process used to separate and concentrate premium oil ingredients) and biotechnologies such as enzymatic engineering, a substitute to chemical substances.

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Downsizing water and energy consumption

Since 2018, for every 100 units produced, we have reduced our consumption of electricity by 17.1%, gas by 23.1% and water by 20.8%.

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Green energy

Since 2018, we have been purchasing 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources (wind, hydro, etc.) for our production site located in France.

Packaging and distribution

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Eco-designed products

Our products are eco-designed throughout their lifecycle. Our bottles and cartons cases are recyclable, the weight of our packaging has been reduced as much as possible and all carton inserts have been eliminated. Whenever we do use cartons, these are made from sustainably managed forest cardboard and printed with vegetable oil-based inks.

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Experimenting bulk

We are currently experimenting with bulk sales: i.e. sales of non-prepackaged products. The idea behind this is to take our products’ eco-design a step further and reduce our packaging even more.

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Route optimization

GEODIS, our storage warehouse, is located less than 800 meters from our factory (which is ISO140001 certified – a standard for environmental management).

Our eco-design results

Saved 142 tonnes

of plastic in product packaging since 2010

Saved 65 tonnes

of cardboard in our packaging since 2010

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Proud of being B Corp

In 2018, our efforts and commitments were rewarded with the B Corp certification. Recognized worldwide, this pioneering label is awarded to companies and brands whose insight is to be “the best FOR the world” as opposed to “the best in the world”. This label requires that we have an activist vision of our impact on the world.

What is B Corp? Who is B Corp? Want to find out more?

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a highly demanding, pioneering international label awarded to brands that demonstrate a triple economic, social and environmental performance and that develop their business with a positive impact on society and the environment.

Who is B Corp?

B Corp also represents a community of more than 2,800 companies around the world who share the same humanistic vision of economy and who place general interest in the heart of their business model, thereby combining economic, social and environmental performances.

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