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Interview with Lauren McBride, A Mustela Mom

Name: Lauren McBride  @laurmcbrideblog

Describe yourself in one sentence:

A wife and mother who has no problem admitting she doesn’t have it all together…because what mom does, right? 

Which Mustela product would you gift to a new mother?

The Newborn Arrival Gift Set…it has everything a new mom needs for their little bundle of joy!

What is the most important to you when it comes to choosing a brand, or a product for your baby?

Natural ingredients

What was the most memorable & precious “first moment” with your children?

Laying eyes on them for the first time and feeling them against my skin. Those first moments in the hospital are always the sweetest.. it’s getting to know each other for the first time! 

Anything you would like to share with our Mustela Moms?