A Special Sensory Experience

Uniquely enjoyable to use

Mustela products are highly sensorial, providing unique comfort and enjoyment while ensuring that every aspect of your baby's cleansing routine becomes a moment of well-being and shared emotion as their senses are awakened.


Right from birth, skin is a source of unique sensations and emotions. In the first few months of your baby's life, their well-being is mainly determined by touch – how they are stroked or cuddled, how you touch them when you are taking care of them, etc. Bath time, cleansing, massage and everything else you do as part of your baby’s daily care routine are wonderful moments of discovery, pleasure and sharing between the two of you.

To help awaken your baby's senses and enhance those intimate moments that you share, Mustela has put a great deal of effort into the varied and pleasant textures of its products: creamy lotions, rich or light creams, cool-feeling gels and fluids, delicate foams, etc. Each product is designed to stimulate your baby's sensorial development and enhance their well-being. So bath time, moisturizing, massages and cleansing will become moments of shared emotion and gentleness.

You can also recognize Mustela products and pick them out from the rest by their inimitable fragrance - a fragrance that has become intimately associated with the scent of babies for so many parents. Gentle and delicate, this subtle fragrance ensures that everything you do to take care of your baby turns into a moment of sensory awakening and pleasure: a unique emotion which is passed down from mother to child, from generation to generation.





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