Massaging your baby

Getting started

  • Choose a quiet time when you’re fully available so that you can calmly devote yourself to the massage without being interrupted.
  • Perform the massage in a warm, quiet room (around 26°C/79°F) with subdued lighting.
  • Place the baby facing you on a towel or blanket on a bed, changing table or the floor (on a soft rug).
  • Your hands must be clean and warm and your nails short.
  • Remove anything that can prick the baby’s skin, like your jewelry.
  • Use a massage oil specially made for babies. Spread it on your hands and rub them to warm up the oil before touching the baby.
  • Your baby’s skin should be healthy and not irritated.
  • Don’t massage the baby if he’s sick or immediately after a feeding or meal.



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