Caring for your baby

Fragile and vulnerable, your baby’s skin is also rich in unique and valuable cell potential that it’s vital to protect. Every day, it needs special care to help it retain all its potential and softness. Get our tips on taking care of your baby...

The day your baby is born, his skin is brutally thrust into a completely new environment.


Your baby needs to be cleaned several times a day in addition to his daily bath: after diaper change and meals.


The daily bath is an important time for your baby: in addition to keeping him clean, it helps develop his sensory perception. It's also a special part of the day you can share together.


Your baby’s diaper needs to be changed up to 7 or 8 times a day. An infant’s very delicate little bottom can easily become irritated from dampness, contact with urine and stools.


Up until age 3, your child’s skin is delicate and immature, meaning it is vulnerable to external aggressors (cold, wind, dry air and sun).