Baby's early learning

Between birth and 24 months, your baby will develop at an extraordinary speed and each little thing he learns to do will be a new source of wonder for you. Find out about the key stages in his development and how to interact with him in order to help him grow in harmony with all his potential

Babies all learn how to talk at different ages. Go at your own child's rate of development, stimulating him so that he can develop harmoniously.


During his first 12 months, your baby will develop at incredible speed: he'll go from lying down all day, to sitting up, then crawling, then standing up… and before you know it he'll be taking his first...


Provided they are appropriate for your baby's current state of development, toys are an excellent means of developing his senses. Choose them carefully!


During his first year, your baby takes in the world around him at astonishing speed. Long before he can speak, your baby communicates with you in a thousand different ways!


An excellent source of relaxation and well-being, massage has many benefits for your baby.