Stimulating your baby's senses in the womb


Three months into your pregnancy, your baby's mouth already has taste buds which he can use to experiment with a whole range of different flavours. These come through the amniotic fluid: he sucks and swallows almost continuously, and so is able to taste the various foodstuffs that you yourself eat. After 4 months, he is able to distinguish between sweet, salty, sour and bitter flavours. Babies suck almost incessantly in the womb – which explains why so many newborn babies have an intense need to suck as soon as they are born.


It's very important to vary your own diet during pregnancy so as to develop your baby's sense of taste (while at the same time eating what you fancy and meeting your own requirements): this way, he'll be able to taste a range of different flavours – which he will remember after birth. So don't deprive yourself of spicy or highly-flavoured dishes! Your baby will also enjoy what you eat, and these experiences will help determine his future preferences: once he is born, he will already be familiar with a wide range of tastes, and he will appreciate them more easily when the time comes to vary his diet.



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