Stimulating your baby's senses in the womb


Barely six weeks after conception, your baby already has eyes! But these two tiny black dots are still a long way from being functional. Only after 25 weeks does the foetus start opening and closing its eyes… and then in the 7th month, they become sensitive to light: whenever your tummy is exposed to high light levels, your baby's heart rate increases.


However, of all the senses, sight is the most imperfect at birth: for the first few weeks, your baby is able to distinguish clearly between light and dark, but objects more than around 20 cm away are blurred; babies have no depth awareness and cannot distinguish colours. They don't like bright lights and their field of vision is very narrow. So that your baby can see you properly, place yourself right in front of him and very close to his face! His vision will improve very quickly over the next few months. The rate of improvement will then slow down until he is 4 years old – by which time it will have reached its optimum acuity.



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